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Epilepsy Foundations new recruits

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. just a warning, if you have a habit of handing over money when feeling guilty or sympathetic like i do, lock the damn door and disconnect the door bell

    The Epilepsy Foundation (either delibrate or unknowingly) must be raking in the donations in my area, as the door-to-door person is a 16-18yo mentally disabled kid. without knowing much about it, i'm guessing he has down syndrome.

    anyway, he knocks on the door and recites what he's been told to say:
    "hello my name is david i am from the epilepsy foundation would you like to make a donation" (he wasn't aware of his ryhming talent)

    i was caught off-side, yet i had a wad of notes in my pocket because i was planning to go out on saturday night with some old work mates.

    i instinctivly replied "sorry mate, i'm flat broke"

    and the look on his face..... speechless :(

    he said "ok no money have a nice day bye" and turned to walk away.

    i stopped him and asked if i had to fill anything out, and that i'd donate

    i ended up handing over $80, and it made me feel like i made his day, but i'm pretty sure he'll unknowingly guilt trip everyone in my street to part with their money.

    good side - The Epilepsy Foundation will get nice fat donations, which is great!!

    bad side - well.. i dunno, seems like they're using him, and i doubt he's getting good money from it. not to mention i can't go out on saturday, haha (no loss, maybe i saved a life or 2 with my donation, :D).. but yeah.. if you can't afford it but have cash on you.. you better have an ice cold heart.
  2. Hahahahaha! :LOL::LOL::LOL:
    They're cross-disabilitifying for maximum results. Brilliant! Send out the land mine victim to collect for red nose day!

    /Wouldn't work on me
    //Heart of stone
    ///Make him dance for the money
  3. What? You got "Everybody dance now" by C&C Music Factory cued up next to the front door :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    But that is a good tactic that they are using... or a really good actor... look for the gaurdian behind the bushes :)
  4. I can't use my old trick any more (start turning the light on and off really fast... :grin:).
  5. I reckon it's a great idea getting the people who have epilepsy out there collecting for the cause. More often than not, people with disabilities don't get to work for a wage so this is 1 way in which they can do something productive and see the benifits :grin:
    Maybe one day the young man in question can point to an object in his community residential unit, say a BBQ, and proudly state, "I helped raise the money for that BBQ"

    The above is of course a hypothetical situation ;)