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Epic trip ahead

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Kryt, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys and girls, i will soon have my bike (cbr250rr) still on my L's so thats what makes this trip even more epic.
    Father and myself are planning to ride from Sydney to adelaide and back, first up will be down the princess as far towards melb it takes us, stop and see some family along the way then from melb head west along great ocean road and up into Mount gambier to see more family, then finaly off to adel
    Trip back will be cuttin up north SA and into NSW coming back into sydney from the west
    all will commence around October time , dad gets to ride on a 650 V storm

  2. how much riding experience will you have had before hand?

    make sure you have full comprehensive ins and roadside assistance.

    a great run for sure!! but a lot to factor in...
  3. I did Melbourne to Adelaide and back on a GSX 250..way back in the early 80's. She coped fine..unlike my bum. I vowed never to do it again on a small bike ( I did do it again many times over after that though)..only because the bike was near her top speed at highway speed limits,so overtaking has to be planned waaaay in advance as you dont have much power in reserve.
    Take plenty of short breaks,stay warm and hydrated. Take your MP3 player loaded up with tunes.An intercom would be great if you can run to it. your planned route back has MMFA (miles and miles of f#ck all) so be prepared for that...oh and take lotsa pix too.
  4. i dont have heaps of exp but im confident when riding , ive got tank bags n all the sorts so im prepared in that sense, will be stopping alot i think haha also got 120gb ipod that is full so winrar :p many many pics will be taken
  5. dont worry...you are about to get a lot of riding experience and see some awesome roads on the way.
  6. The CBR250RR is not built for this kind of thing at all. The enthusiasm will fade a few hours into the trip when your spine and neck are shattered.

    Hate to be the nagging nancy but fatigue really affects your riding + mental skills.
  7. Use the in-ear earphones and put a thin beanie on so they don't fall out. Good thing about the fuel range on the cibby, by the end of it you'll be glad to stop at any opportunity!
  8. LOL well said mate :p
  9. very jealous, though :(
  10. Seriously, go down via the snowies instead. The 250 will be that much more bearable on those roads rather than the highway.
  11. Me too - would love to ride to Adelaide then on to Perth......
  12. Sounds like a fun ride. I did Syd to melb and back on my Kwaka250 when I got my L's. I found as long as I pulled over every 150km or so for a short break I was fine. By the end of the trip I was a much, much better rider for it.

    As others have said, enjoy yourself and take plenty of rest breaks.
  13. i might be takin a mountain route down around Canberra , gotta get to albury some how haha, but yea breaks along the way will be plentyfull cant have my back breaking :p haha.
    i originally planned to go on my own, would prolly not ended so well
  14. i did 14 hours syd-mel last month. little break here and there.
  15. Take lots of breaks, saddle fatigue settles in suprisingly quickly and leads to easy mistakes,
    Myself and Sandra just got back from a Melbourne to Sydney trip (both on our L's, sandra had only done about 200kms before we set out), was alot of fun although quite tiring due to time constraints.
    Did it on two vtr250's which would be a bit (a lot) more comfortable then the cbr due to the upright riding position.
    Had disasterous weather the whole way which sucked :p
    Was a great little adventure though, a few dropped bikes, a few repairs, a visor run over by a semi trailer, all in all good times.
    Parts of the princess highway especially between eden and orbost and around Bega are absolutely magical to ride though, great twisties, great scenery.
    And theres lots of little detous and shortcuts you can take along the way for even better riding, such as skipping the princess between bega and bermagui and taking the mountain road, then rejoining it at bermagui.

    Let us know how you get on (y)
    And dont tackle those roads at night, especially dont get stuck on the long uninhabited scretch between eden and orbost in the forest like we did, its phsyco.

    Oh and buy thermals, and thermal glove liners, and a neck warmer, and some extra jumpers....you will thank me
  16. Did a melb-syd-melb just over a month ago returning via the coast.
    It's a cracker in places. I stopped at around every 250K and that suited me but we're all different. So make sure you have whatever break you need as a new rider.
    Communication with your dad would be a great thing and yeah, don't forget something to play music. It makes a huge difference.

    Would like to do Adelaide via coast soon returning via Mildura, along Murray to Albury before heading south.
    You can never have enough on!
  18. haha thanks for the tips will get some thermals ^^, i have in ear earphones that cut out everything winrar, but isnt it a bit dangerous using them? . pro and cons on that would be awsome :p
  19. I use an mp3 player on rides that are longer tha 20-30 min.
    Don't have it blaring, still have no problem hearing emergency type vehicles and don't feel in any more danger having them on.
    Visual facaulties are what's needed 100% on a m/c more than audio.