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EPIC STORY: My 30mins of scootering during schoolies!! :-)

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, May 11, 2007.

  1. It was schoolies time... everyone who had finished high school was relaxing by drinking :beer: , hanging out with mates, making out, smoking whatever...

    On my way to the hotel, on the first day, I saw many many scooters, all mostly 50cc's and a lot of bolwell jolie's :moped: From that moment I knew while I was here at the Gold Coast for the week, I would hire a scooter...

    I walked around to 2 hire placers (sober) and got a price sheet, I decided $100 for 24 hours and a $300 bond(get back if no damage) .... So went back to hotel, partied rest of day and then got some sleep amazingly... and dreamed about riding around the next day on a 50cc Bolwell Jolie...

    The next day I resisted ALL offers of booze and at 10am went to the scooter place.. There was a fellow schoolie hiring too, he had blue hair which i found cool so I said "Hey want to hire as a group so we pay 200 bond instead of 300" He replied "Yeah sure". I asked the man at the counter for a full face helmet (They costed more but full face how cool :cool: ) but they were not for "scooters" so I had to wear an emabarrising open one.. :shock:

    Soon after, the guy at the desk showed us our scooters, I was overwhelmed with excitement my heart was racing... My blue haired mate I made friends with 5 mins ago was nervous as hell..(He told me the last time he was on two-wheels he crashed) The scooter employee explained everything that was needed and let us ride around the block as practice, upon arriving back we would get our bike locks and would be free to roam and plunder the gold coast on our 50cc's.

    The employee told us to roll down the little hill, (engine off) to get a feel of the brakes... It felt like a heavy bycle, that didnt want to lean, but the brakes pulled it up good. We soon had done our lap around the block... we waited and then got our locks... The next thing that happened is something I will remember for the rest of my life...

    My blue haired mate took off with the throttle full on, from outside the hire place, and straight into a cement divider curve. This was on a 70kmh road... Cars (cagers lol) went past him and beeped. (His scooter flat on side on road he was lifting it up slowly but surely) It happened so quick I didnt have time to help... The small rush of cars soon went and he hobbled over to the scooter hire place.. The employee had a face worth a million dollars he had seen it all happen too, he was stunned and amazed (not yet pissed off lol)..

    I took off not wanting to wait around he was in good hands, (I will tell you what happened to him later) I thought to myelf "Matthew dont get the throttle stuck like you are 7 years old, just go smooth and safe... smooth and safe...." the voice oddly sonding like my mothers :roll: And voila!! I was on my way..

    The freedom of two wheels my god!!! This was my first time ever on a bike, and non accompanied !!!( I could hire it as i had Car learners (You can use 50cc on L's in QLD) but its still dangerous without ANY experience apart from that ride round block few mins ago) I went hard on the throttle, and crouched down like Rossi on the nice open piece of Gold Coast road with no cars around.... the needle pushing 70 and slooooowly climbing tp 75!! Soon enough I was at my first set of lights with a taxi driver sitting right up my backside at the lights.. the traffic lights happened to be part of the Indy track, I did a U-turn to head back to my hotel... I nearly dropped it then doing a U-ee. :driver:

    I leaned it wouldnt turn in though, so I slowed up a bit used a bit of front brakes, and was on my way! phew that was close. I rode around for the next half hour. I beeped to a swaggering swabble of drunk teens and they cheered and did thumbs up and waved. I beamed with excitement and happiness. I rode around the Gold Coast streets and made my way back to the hotel. (Little did I know the misery about to await me)

    I went back to the hotels for a few reasons.... A - I wanted sunnies on (no visor at 70 = eye watering and squinting!!) B - I wanted a Jacket on too mainly becuase if the cold and if I came off maybe id be safer than pants and shirt) C - A drink of cordial not Alcohol :LOL: Riding was making me awfully thirsty....

    Upon arrival to the hotel I saw my mate Jaime.... his eyes lit up in a drunken haze.. "Could I have a go matt???".. I trusted Jaime and it was only the carpark underground which was really really small. He did a few laps back and forth... When he finally got off, he said the words "Thats so cool matt, thanks, god thats cool, that was fun" repeatedly. (I could tell he urged for another spin.. I turned the scooter off, parked it and used the cool steering lock feature and put the stand up.. Wow did I feel independent!

    I went to my room got all the crap I wanted and went back down. My roomate in tow, george, followed who I bragged to about hiring a scooter.. I fired up the scooter gave it a rev... sounded like a tin can :shock: but... boy was it cool..He hopped on the back as a pillion without me knowing... I was only gonna go to next door car park so i rode slowly to it... on the bikeway/road.. I had made it to the carpark next door (For those who know the Gold Coast this is right next to the stupid Slingshot that makes u vomit at 5g's ??? and has bungee jumping etc somone climbed it somehow during schoolies copping a 1.2k fine ouch. as rescue services where needed!)

    Awaiting me at the carpark was mates I knew from school.. They all went bonkers when then saw it.. some pressing the horn... others turning on the lights... I sighed and told them to bugger off.. :LOL: One of my mates Craig wanted a go first... I was all kitted up and not wanting to let anyone on it, but being the nice person I was I let him on it. I said 'YOU MUST stay within this LANE of the carpark so I can see you' ... He replied "yeah ok.." He took off and what do you know? He went where-ever he wanted in the carpark... Far out know I was angry... My freinds asked me about the scooter.. like a million questions.. and time passed...

    Then I had the sickest feeling in my life, i was sweating profusely, my heart rate was up, mouth was all dry (NO it wasnt a Hungry Jacks Whopper), we hadnt seen Craig for a while.... Everyone finally cottened on and we went to look for Craig.. What I saw shocked me to the core..... Words cant describe it....

    We found him at the edge of the car-park head in his hands......... I thought OMG WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!! Then I glanced next to him and up on the kerb on the grass, next to a damaged green electricity box was my hired scooter on its side.... I walked over to inspect the damage, I wanted to cry, I wanted to yell, I wanted a million things.... The damage was done.... It's light was broken.... forks where bent.... indicators damaged n broken.... brake lever damaged... panel damage... foot stand broken.... more dirty great ugly scratches... :evil: :mad:

    I then sweared and carried on at Craig.... "What the #$@! !!!!! Craig" I said this like 20 times. It was in a casual tone with a lot of stress and worry.... My mates where all gaping too... Seconds felt like minutes... minutes felt like hours.... I then asked craig a reasonable question "What happened Craig, how did you crash going 30kmh in a car-park??"

    He replied "Some woman in a white car cut me off" I replied to craig " Well then where is she buddy? Did you get her licence plate?" He replied then with a "No". That was it a NO!!!! He didnt GET ANYTHING... I saw through this it was a lie to hide the truth... Craig being the drunken lout didnt stop and crashed it... me being the nicest teenager in Brisbane who can't say No to any friend had let him have a go and unexpectedly crash it.... I told my mates to lift the scooter up and we rolled it onto the carpark tarmac. I tried to start it but it refused, it choked and spluttered and started once only to die again, I kept trying but nope it wouldnt start.

    Then something happened which I would of found amusing normally.... Some of my friends where bored and out of nowhere 2 scooters appeared. :shock: :shock: .. My friends helped them do a burnout.... One revved it and held the front brake.. two lifted the rear and bumbed it up and down on the ground and soon enough the rear started smoking... I wanted to cry right there :( :(

    5 mins later we had wheeled it back to the Scooter hire place.... the guys face and reaction earlier at my blue haired mate's stack was nothing compared to this He turned red... really red... (like redder a ducati 999R).. I braced myself... "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE!!" "OMFG... THE FORKS ARE BENT" "THIS IS THE WORST CRASH IN A YEAR" WHO THE HELL DID THIS"

    A group of young teens facing a 30 something angry bloke with a vein popping out his bald head was kinda scary, but George vigilant and stubborn as ever had to comment ... "It's just a scratch" he said lamely


    We then discussed the matter like gentleman. I told the man what happened truthfully. I said my mate and I would pay the costs. I said once again I hadnt expected to this happen "lets sort this out mate, right here right now".....

    To cut an epic story short, my mate Craig started to cry :nopity:, who he said sobbingly " I havent cryed in years" Myself and the scooter employee were both shocked and saddened to but there was still business to settle..

    TOTAL DAMAGES - 1500 - including labour and parts...... NEW BOLWELL JOLIE $1800...... my mate craig and I paid halfs ie 650 each..... :deal:

    I paid 650 as " I let him on it " and he Craig paid 650 as "he crashed it"....


    NOTE: This was all true I look forward to comments a bout how stupid, inexperienced and careless we all were. BUT from then on I have learnt to say NO... I definetly learnt the hardway.
  2. cheers for the great read :)
  3. What happened with the son of a peacock (blue haired guy)?

  4. How did you manage to get the 50cc upto 75kph? I hired one up there a few months ago and struggled to get it to 50kph.
    You feel like a bad guy if you don't let mates ride, if anyone wants to ride my scoot, i make sure the insurance covers them and they can pay the excess if they have a prang. Bottom line, you are responsable if they have a prang. The bond should have covered the insurance, so i don't think you should have had to pay $1,300. Anyway shit happens and we get on with our lives.
  5. The blue haired guy I recieved an SMS from that afternoon, He had aquired a measly $300 dollars worth of damage from compared to the 1500 :eek: smashing into the kerb and dropping it on its side...

    I wanted Craig to pay ALL of the damage since he did it, He rang both his mum and dad who both said 'It's out in your friends name, he should pay for it". I saw this as pretty unfair, so I told my mate, hey "You crashed it you are more resposible than me, but I really shouldnt of let you ride it, how about you ask your parents if we go halves?"

    "Craig's mum still said no". Craig's dad who was in NZ said "That's a good idea I will send Craig's half he will get a job to earn it back".

    So I paid it in full the 1500, with help from my mum who came down (We kept it a big secret from dad even till this day) Then few days l8r a cheque in the mail for 650. Problem solvered!!

    I don't know how i got it to 75... It would NOT go any quicker than that though. They must of modded them or derestricted them or something, I was crouched like Rossi (MotoGP affects me in wierd ways) and just had the gas on full. Like I said it refused to go any quicker than that sadly :roll:
  6. His mum and dad both wanted you to pay for it despite him crashing it? :shock:
    Hooray for responsible parenting.

    Though if any mate of mine ever called his parents to find out if he should pay for something he damaged through his own stupidity I'd be finding a new mate pretty damn quickly.
  7. Tell your mates to stop being so cheap and go and rent their own scooters next time :shock:
  8. A few years ago I hired a 50cc Bolwell from some scooter hire place in the Gold Coast. I also could get it up to around 75km/h. It was really struggling though, and once I was going up hills it would drop to about 65km/h
  9. Cool read, he should have paid for the lot. :mad:
  10. Good read Matt.

    Experience will mature you if you take note of the results. Don’t be saddened as most of us have been there.

    I trust only a very good friend of mine, who is a damn good rider, and occasionally swap bikes whilst on a ride somewhere.

    I don’t let people sit on my bikes whilst parked let alone ride ‘em… may be only as a pillion, preferably female. :wink:

    Not being anal, but others will not take care of your ride as you do: experience has taught me some lessons. Now you have learnt yours!
    Good luck and happy riding.

  11. nice read :grin:

    so the total damage bill was $1500 and your mate paid $650, shouldn't it be $750 if you were going halves?
  12. yeah your right sorry 750 each not 650 :cry:
  13. Matty, tough break mate.

    I agree that the right thing for your mate to do would have been to pay the whole lot. But yeah something isnt right....i've hired scooters a couple of times and the price has always included insurance. So either you didnt have insurance or the hire guy screwed you.

    Oh and you got one thing right, right at the end of your post....dont lend your scoot to John Howard :p
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Great read, ur friend should have paid it all though that was an expensive ride... I had some fun on a mates dad's 50cc honda scooters in America haha they were little plastic things from 1985 lol they maybe slow but 2 wheels is 2 wheels!
  15. The scooter hire company would have provided insurance, but only for the nominated rider. If you let someone else ride it, it's not insured.
  16. Absolutely legendary tale my friend. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
  17. Hey Matt... That's a great story. Woulda been so cool if you coulda been cruising the whole time, but these are the lessons we have to learn i guess.

    It's gonna be sweet when you get your first bike, you sound pretty responsible, so i am sure you'll have plenty more stories (ones that end in a positive) to share with us in the near future.

  18. Re: EPIC STORY: My 30mins of scootering during schoolies!! :

    Great read!

    I'd add, don't let any first timer or relative newbie on your ride. I've watched my old postie get crashed a few times from that (bullet proof though it was), and the first time I ever rode (my brother's 250)...I almost wiped out my Nan and then the vegetable garden. Mum wheelied and almost took out the trailer! :LOL: