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Epic Rap Battles of History

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Deadsy, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. A humourous, well made series of videos by some talented people. There are many more of these on youtube, I will just post my favourite three.

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  2. darth vader vs hitler is probably my favourite
  3. oh they are good

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  4. the darth vadar v hitler one is good.
  5. haha, that's good stuff
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  7. Yeah, I was reluctant to watch them but they are real funny and really well done.

  8. Darth v Hitler rocks.......or raps in this case

    for the geeks in the house
  9. Bump.

    New one:
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  10. Hahaha, reminds me of

  11. bit old, but i still love the ending

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  12. Hahaha. "I am Peter Costello-ello-ello-eh"
  13. awesome. the obama-romney one is my fave so far...no wait, Michael jackson - elvis was sik too.

    ah fk too awesome.
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  15. ERB fans, check this latest one out:

    Snoop delivers an epic line towards the end. I loved this one.
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  18. Friggin hilarious!! Entertained me for a couple of hours lol