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Epic male buns thread!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PSYKC, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Saw RRdevilRRdevil 's "epic boob thread" and thought we needed a similar one for the girls. So here we go ladies ...

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  2. Oh bugger she went and did it, sorry guys she's out of control lol.

    Anyway, the bike looks good!!
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  3. That's it. I'm flooding this with pics of my hairy white arse.
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  4. You are a goose!! PSYKCPSYKC!! Love it!!
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  5. Check out my buns ;)


    It's my knee

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  6. Lol! You don't wanna start that, do yA?
  7. #7 PSYKC, Mar 14, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2015
  8. Thanks for the additions boys. Not bad for amateurs, but I'm thinking more along these lines!!!
    PS Ladies, where r u? Letting the side down big time! image. image. image.
  9. Don't want to see you hanging out there on your own. Just to prove there are some cuties on cruisers

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  10. PSYKCPSYKC did you click on the spoiler tag at the bottom of iClintiClint's post?
  11. here is a classic
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  12. So, where are the buns? These are the only buns on this thread so far. Pathetic!

    Maybe shows that it isn't necessarily the buns that the gals find sexy. Should rename this thread epic pecs?

    Not my thing - I prefer them in the flesh.
  13. Lol! Awesome, thanks!!!
  14. Was gunna go with "epic guns" , didn't think of "epic pecs"
    lol!! No, just checked it out!!! Very funny!! Fooled me :)
  15. How ironic calling it the "male" bun thread, when a top knot screams "I gave up my man card" from a mile away
  16. Not everyone looks this good in leather
    nice arse.
  17. A just so we encompass all netriders
    The long & the short of it.
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