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Epic Fail : Aldi Rain Pants!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lazy Libran, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Had picked up the rain pants during the sale and they failed miserably during these 2 days of heavy rain.

    IMHO - ok for a little drizzle or rain etc but for weather we've had n the last 2 days, epic fail.

    My DriRider jacket fared much better.

  2. Bummer Libran.....

    FWIW I decked myself out last winter with RST enduro gear and it has been bullet proof.....

    And you know that I'm a rain or shine commuter

    Highly recommended (y)
  3. mate I rode home in the rain last nite, knocked off at 8pm ish rode from city to essendon on citylink, plastics from Aldi kept me dry!! Mind you, they are 2 years old lol so might have got a good batch?
  4. A few years back I bought the bottom of the range Rjays waterproof jacket.

    Within a couple of hours of wet weather, it had shredded and was billowing behind me like batman's cape :)
  5. I've heard Aldi wet weather stuff was rather good...not good to hear they aren't working.

    How failed are we talking about, a bit damp or fully soaked?

    I rode in to work today in summer gear. Was only slightly damp on the inner of arms, knees and thighs during the morning run. Home run got me wet through 2 layers of clothing, jacket and long sleeve thermals but only inner of arms (leather jacket has kevlar stuff there, so not as water proofing as leather), knees and thigh areas were damp, but nothing unbearable.

    Never had winter gear, so not sure what is considered BAD in regards to waterproofing...obviously completely dry is best results, but bit damp which dries within the hour to me wouldn't be too bad.
  6. No complaints from me with the Aldi wet weather pants, my first pair I brought from MCAS was a Rjays one I think and the crotch split, my Aldi ones have been perfect thus far.
  7. My RJays split near the crotch after 10 wears n the Aldi ones got the whole crotch area wet without splitting. Looks like the stitching is a bit stuffed.
  8. I bought the super cheap 3 piece wet gear, works perfectly
  9. I ended up with wet balls and a wet patch all the way up my right side last night thanks to my 20 year old leathers, a soggy RAAF Visitors pass and paper learners permit due to a slightly less than weather proof weatherproof tank bag, and a visor that was wet on the inside lol. Dont know if ive just outdone myself with crap gear or it was just exceptionally bad weather to be out in. A classmate of mine swears by his Aldi gear but he wussed out yesterday and caged it into uni.
  10. That rain we had on Wednesday was a tad heavy, but GOOD rain gear should stand up to it, my 10yr old Dryrider Nordic 2 jacket and Blizzard pants (purchased a couple of yrs ago for around $35 from Aussie D's) handled it well, a little bit wet on neck between jacket and helmet and gloves got a soaking but nothing too much to complain about from me.
  11. Can't say I have the aldi ones but if they are just a pair of plastic overpants that you are talking about I would only keep for a light drizzle - I remember the first time I rode in the rain (rather than just a shower) and came to work looking like I'd lost control of bladder and on a cold day they take all day to dry out. The ladies round the office have never seen me in the same light since.

    In a shower I still wear them but otherwise a cheap pair of textile waterproof pants is the way to go - I got an Rjays pair on sale from MCAS for $80 and they've held up to over 40mins of real rain and are over 18months old.
  12. I have the previous version of the Aldi pants and they have been excellent. Four days of rain on a ride to Melbourne earlier this year and they kept me dry each day. So did Force jacket and Falco boots; gloves were the only weak link but that was expected. At least wearing latex gloves inside them stopped my hands from being dyed purple.
  13. 'sfunny, I bought the same Aldi pants, I think costs some $68/78, and the 1st day of heavy rain (VIC), they worked fantastic for me! I'd even removed the liner earlier cos it wd've been too warm. 2nd day I used different pants, Teknic, bought from US, unlined, about $85 w/out delivery, performance about equal as Aldi, but costs more. 35-40mins, 25k's journey after work, CBD to SE burbs.
  14. I'm surprised to hear that there are some waterproofs that aren't a single piece jumpsuit that actually work at all.
  15. Those are riding pants you bought. I bought a rain suit for $49 as part of the motorcycle gear sale a few months ago.

    Yet to wear the top part as my DriRider jacket is waterproof so just use that for the moment.

    The pants are ok for a drizzle or a shower but 'rain' showed the weakness. There is a plastic covering behind the stiching but water still got through. Oh well..
  16. F#ck the fashion, just pick yourself up a plastic rainjacket and overtrousers from the likes of Anaconda, Rays tent city or the like, and pop them on over the top of your normal leathers or riding atire. $50 will see you warm and dry for at least a year, and if you crash and rip holes in them, you simply buy another set. Only thing that I've ever found that is totally waterproof. As a bonus, if you're riding in really really cold conditions -like snow, pop them on and they provide a really efficient wind break and keep you a LOT warmer. Plus you get to wear your favourite comfortable leathers and don't need to worry if the weather will turn to shit when you're out riding.
  17. Gave mine a real test driving from Port Macquarie to Sydney in very heavy rain this weekend. No idea how the rain got in but my pants were soaked about an hour later.

    First stop for fuel I looked down and the lower left leg had a huge split in it. After patching it up with duct tape I realised it must have caught on the peg at some point. Seems odd something so simple could tear them.
  18. One thing I've found quite good for textiles is waterproofing spray. The kind that can be used on tents and even leathers.

    My 4 year old RST jacket was starting to fail in regards to waterproofing, but after treating it with the spray it's actually doing VERY well. Instead of soaking up the rain, the water just beads off the same way it does on glass. It held up quite well in last weeks heavy rains and I was stuck in traffic for a good hour.
  19. Wet weather hints...

    If you are getting wet, then get some plastic duct tape, turn the pants inside out and duct tape over the inside seams.

    Wet feet, get a plastic supermarket bag and put it over your socks and then put your boots on.

    Hands - a pair of latex gloves will stop the dye coming off on your hands (as has been said before).
  20. I have not done heavey rain riding in my Aldi's but I still ended up with wet draggons from all the sweat :(( might grab some dri riders pants to match the jacket I need something that breaths better