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VIC EPA Xmas present

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Dec 24, 2009.

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    Just received a Vehicle test Notice from the EPA this morning.

    That's the 3rd one since June this year!

    As a Harley Rider, I have received lot's of these over the years. Quite easy to deal with and very easy to pass. Put the quite pipes on, go to the tester, pass the test, come home put the other pipes back on.

    Before all you all say - too bad John - suffer, I'm on the verge of taking action. Those of you who have never received an EPA notice may think my complaint is funny - but, wait your time is coming..........

    Here is a [URL="]Youtube Clip of my bike passing the last test.[/URL]

    My point is - and I have said it before - the law in relation to noise is pointless. The MRA tried to fight the legislation when it was being modified back in 1982. Sending out EPA notices makes very little impact.

    I would like to hear from any other rider who has received an EPA notice this year, so that I can establish a network.

    All the people I come into contact with tell me they love the sound of my bike. Not one member of the public has ever complained about it, yadda, yadda, yadda.....
  2. Just looked at the video was the test taken at idle?
    How is the test performed?
  3. No. if you listen you will note that the bike is revved to 2600 rpm, where the noise is measured. The test is conducted by placing a microphone at a set distance and gale from the end of each pipe. The measurement is made at a specified rev setting and this differs for each brand. 94db is the limit set for all bike manufactured after 1982.

    FFS - I passed the test. As I have every F*&^$%g time I get one of these stupid notices....

    My apologies for sounding angry - but, I just find this exercise pointless. It doesn't bother me that I will have to take the time to rotate my pipes, take the bike in for the test and pay the tester $38.60 to do the test.

    The test is pointless. I can afford the money, I'm not going to keep quiet pipes on my bike. I have a commercial interest in keeping loud pipe on my bike (for my Harley Ride customers - who are often astounded to hear about EPA notices BTW).

    Its not just Harleys, how about Ducatis and all the H-D Clones, sports bikes...

    The only reason most of you have never received a notice is because your bikes aren't out on the roads as frequently as mine....:furious::furious:
  4. What's the law exactly (technically) speaking?? When I got my Daytona I found a sticker under the seat saying it complies with these 'xxxxxxxx' noise standards at 5,000rpm (which ironically is 100km/h in 6th, ironically the run in limit by triumph :roll:).

    So in theory, my bike should never have to be revved past 5,000rpm to comply with noise laws in order for me to achieve all Australian speed limits.

    Is this why?? Or what exactly is the deal?? Because in theory, I only need first gear...
  5. I was told by someone in the know, that some time ago the Vic government had the idea that EPA could become a self-funded entity by ramping up the issuing of infringements and penalties to generate an income stream (heard this before?). They started an advertising campaign asking people to dob in anyone and anything that might be fine-able.
    They actively encourage a culture of vexatious reporting from the public, for this reason. Better get used to it.
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    Mate - just wait till you get one of these things. Out on the road frequently? Then expect one sometime.....

    [URL="]Again listen to how quite a bike actually sounds when it passes the test.[/URL]
  7. The point is - if you pass the test - the EPA doesn't get the money - the noise tester gets it (i.e. the testing fee)....

    I would like to hear from all those affected - so that I can establish if there is a group large enough to want to take on and fight this inequity.
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    I've got the stock pipe on, the Daytona doesn't make noise out the back, ze good stuff comes out the front under load...
  9. OP, can you confirm that you passed all these tests with the same pipes you ran on the street?

    if you're riding around with loud pipes, then they have the right to EPA you.

    if you're switching to the quiet (stock?) pipes for the tests, then you have no leg to stand on. it doesn't matter how many tests you pass with quiet pipes, if you're on the road with the loud pipes you are running the risk of another EPA letter.

    FWIW, i use to pass noise test the same way (with my car), but in the end, i was only bringing it upon myself, driving it daily with a loud exhaust. in the end i gave in and made the car legal and enjoyed trouble free motoring.
  10. I may sound harsh, John, but it goes with the territory.
  11. How loud are the non stock pipes John?
    My staintunes unbaffled are rated at 92 decibels and they sound loud enough under load.
    They are deep rather than Harley raspy though.
  12. I've not heard your bike so have NFI if your being treated un fairly or not so wont comment on your particular case and frankly stupidly loud bikes don't really concern me that much.

    But, from what I've read and what I understand, if there is a complaint about the noise level from your bike, or the police tag it on their journeys then you get the letter and your time gets wasted.

    So, someone is, or at least has complained about you at some stage. That is also probably the reason why so many others here don't have trouble with it, because their bikes are not loud enough to attract the attention.

    Interestingly, a mate with a stock looking, but very much not stock sounding BMW330 used to do what you did, get the letter, all good, change the pipes, pop in say hi and off you go. Recently he got tested by the EPA in a mobile testing station (got pulled up for a booze bus and they'd tagged along for the party) so there is a distinct possibility it's going to cost you more in the near future.

    Anyway, as has been said, comes with the territory.
  13. So you want to take some form of action but in the same message you say this;

    Sounds to me like you admit to being unroadworthy and taking questionable actions to pass the test.

    Great example being set by you.

  14. I remember years ago when I had the SP1 I was riding next to a Harley with stock pipes and as I went past the coppers gave the SP a flick of the throttle. Mr Harley got an EPA notice :D

    It was measured at 127db at 5000RPM.

    I agree the law regarding noisy bikes is just stupid. Better to be heard than hit I say.
  15. I wasn't asking for sympathy. I am just pointing out how piss easy it is to pass the noise test. Hey - I'm going back for the 11th time - and I'll keep doing it.

    Seems none of you have suffered the EPA Notice treatment....... As per normal - no support for other riders - just..... seems that we aren't prepared to take a united stand - as per usual......

    Oh - and BTW - Read This....
  16. Well said Vic. This is the real issue.=D>=D>=D>
  17. How loud are the noisy pipes?
  18. Last time I had them tested - the loud pipes were 105dB.

    Trucks are allowed to be 105bB BTW... Could be 110db actually.

    Another interesting point - when going to pick up some of my Harley Ride customers I have ridden up to their house and then gone to the door to find that they hadn't even heard me arrive.

    Seems, that H-D's may not be that loud after all.....

    Here is a Poll to give guidance
  19. For me, I'm sure it's just a matter of time...
  20. that's harsh john. you will obviously pass AGAIN!

    but as someone said you've got them on the bike so the govt will make a nuisance of itself. annually.

    i've got staintune pipes on my bandit,, they are louder than stock but not at harley levels.

    which reminds me, i saw a harley at the lights the other day idling. the whole bike, rider, engine was vibrating to all hell..... :)