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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. I have been reporting people for throwing rubbish and fags out the window of cars for a while now and finally i have proof that they get the fine.

    I was riding home from Knox city about 2 weeks ago when i saw some wanker kid in a green BMW throw a empty KFC drink cup out of the window, so i reported him and someone else did too, the EPA called me up and asked about it to confirm it was only 1 incident.

    I asked the guy and he said all reports get $225 fine(was around that much cant remember for sure).

    They can opt to go to court with a stat dec but if they lie in court about the stat dec its over $5k fine.

    So everyone go sign up and get these fags to stop throwing their fags on the road.


    Go to the "Litter" section and sign up to report people.. i think you need to be over 18 (not sure) and be willing to appear in court if they deny it.
  2. cool Thanks for that
  3. I do this all the time now
    ...after copping a fag in the face

    I actually stop and put details into my phone (as a draft text)
    time date rego colour make model etc
    and then get the form from the EPA and just fill in the text

    bet you the guy who thru his Maccas out
    (into wot he thought was the bushes in the road)
    gets a shock when he gets the EPA fine

    I do not like pickles landing on my clean bike :evil:
  4. Excellent system, I wish they had it in SA. They could use the proceeds to fund environmental programs, Landcare, etc.
  5. I hate all litterers. There is nothing worse than going to a nice spot in Aussie and seeing crap everywhere.

  6. Yeah, in public you can't walk 5 meters without finding a cigarette butt, inconsiderate pr!ck smokers can suck my...
  7. Yes i have been doing this also. Good to know that other people report it too. Lost count how many times i have had a cigarette thrown out the car in front of me.
  8. What you have a guy in a car in your shed throwing pickles at your bike :shock: Did he have his PJs on ??? :wink:
  9. I'm really proud that Australia is turning into a land with a rich hypocritical dobbing heritage kowtowing to a big-brother government. Three cheers for the loss of our ability to communicate our grievances with people in person, and instead run to nanny to suckle at her bittersweet breast that is all too ready to titslap you hard when someone dobs you in too.

    What goes around, comes around. Better be certain your exhaust system isn't blowing a bit of smoke occasionally, or is a bit noisy. With a nation of dobbers it won't be long before you too find yourself slapped with a fine when big nanny steps in to make it "right".

    Something to think about...

    No, I can't suggest an ideal solution, but randomly dobbing in people and getting them slapped with huge fines just stinks of the start of an eye for an eye war.
  10. We're not quite as bad as the police-run nanny state that the fogbreathers in the UK live in, but we're sure as shit getting there. :furious:

    People can't take responsibility for their own actions and let the government do whatever they please, and this is what we get.
  11. Wish I could do more about loud-as-possible fartcans.
  12. At least fartcans are just annoying, not physically painful like the twatwaffles with the super loud pipes on Hardleys.
  13. Reported a few people now as well for dropping lit ciggies. I got a call once asking if I would go to court as someone was disputing it. I said yep and never head back so I assume the guy decided he would just pay.
  14. "CoughTrollCough"

    LOL randomly dobbing people in, there is nothing random about it, a specific person litters, you get their details and report them.

    Bet you would be really happy if someone dumped a load of garbage on your nature strip and took off, or would you smile and be thankful your living in a country where its ok as long as nobody sees you do it?
  15. Flux is on the money here. While many of you are incapable of differentiating between 'dobbing' for littering and 'dobbing' for 'hoon' behaviour, such as overtaking some nonce travelling 20 km/h below the posted limit, having a stock standard or modified bike reported for being too noisy etc. it is the start of a slippery slope.

    Zealt, you need to take a step back and think before jumping on the nanny state bandwagon and condemning all dissenters. The nanny state does not know best, remember they are in existence for the benefit of those who have cheated evolution and are breathing and (scarily) breeding when they have no right to be.

    I have no problems with having a word to someone, I did last night at the supermarket some some dick was crushing the contents of a chocolate next to the register. He was about 20, so not as if it is a stupid child, a stupid adult if you will.

    People flicking lit cigarettes out is a real danger with starting a bushfire. No probs there, it is a proportionate response.

    Promoting a dobbing culture is just a move to hlep plug the gaps created by the govt through reduced police numbers.
  16. So pple can just throw litter out of their cars and its ok?

    It is ok to just throw cig butts on the ground stomp it out and it is ok?
  17. +100 on the littering, but we just got reported to Barwon Water for running a sprinkler on the lawn. fair do's, but if the nob head who reported us had looked at where the hose was coming from he'd have seen 45000 litres of rainwater in plain sight.
  18. Point deliberately missed I believe.

    Sucked in to anyone caught doing this (by an authorised person), but to be found guilty by default on something based on an all but anonymous tip from the public . . . . .

    That is not a country I want to live in. A lot of people died between 1939 and 1945 to prevent this being the case.

    This is a really scary thing. What happens when it gets extended to other laws. Dangerous driving (riding)? Cross unbroken line?

    Wouldn't be many of us left riding after a while.

    Be more critical people.

    [yeah I know you can take it to court and the person would then have to testify, but really how often would that happen given the cost, risk etc.?]
  19. Its simple. You see it, then walk up to them & inform them that they appear to have two arms, two legs and a heartbeat. This makes them perfectly capable of picking up their litter and putting it in a bin.

    You're doing the same thing but instead of treating it like a speed camera fine that you get in the mail weeks later, you're letting the crettin know they are a tool straight away and giving them the option to correct their actions.
  20. If you don't litter you don't have to worry about getting fined for it.

    If you need help with the issue here it is.. Littering is Wrong. Putting Rubish in a bin is Right.

    Its that easy.