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NSW EPA Notice received

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by NinjaKid, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, so after 6 months and close to 10,000kms on my bike, ninja 250r with MGP growler exhaust i recieved an EPA notice this morning
    never been pulled over too
    so whats the deal with this?
    is it somebody complaining or? issued by the popos?
    thats abit silly with no warning at all
    i need to bring the bike for inspection, reckon i should just chuck in the stock? and pass it?
    i got the bike second hand with 20,000kms on the clock with the previous owner having the mgp growler with no problem, clean records
    will i get fined for chucking in the mgp growler back after i passed the test?

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  2. You've been dobbed in. put the stock exhaust back on, pass the test, lay low for a couple weeks.
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  3. I assume you have gotten an "invite" from the EPA to have your bike tested for excessive noise.

    Dunno.... could be someone complained.
    Look on the bright side, the cops didn't stop you, hassle you, and give you a ticket as well.

    It would appear to be the obvious course of action.

    Only if you get caught riding an excessively noisy motorcycle.

    How loud is it?

    Today, at Pie in the Sky, there was a P or L plater, on a wee Ninja, doing laps up and down the hill.
    It was stupidly noisy and I have to admit that it did cross my mind to put in a complaint.
  4. Yes put the stock pipes and get it tested again. You could risk a test with the current pipes and hope it passes. I think in NSW they take photos of the pipes when they do the test as part of their records. This is to protect them against an audit by the EPA.

    You could have been reported by anybody, police, EPA representative, Joe Public, Neighbours. Maybe worth being gentle with the throttle when leaving your home for a while.
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  5. I wouldnt want to risk testing the mgp growler hey, might end up spending a 100 fr the inspection, and yes i couldnt agree more with the 250 crap noise, but the exhaust for me being abit lighter and all is a plus leaving the noise aside
    Should settle for a different pipe?
    Funny i just called the inspection garage n i did mention to them, which is abit silly, asking wht happen if i put the aftermart exhaust back in
  6. What was their response to this?
  7. lol, i was lookin and tryna phone the closest one, came up with this one, some im guessin not judging drunk bloke answered the call, talkin like a lazy day at work, i asked him how to book in blablabla, what happens if i dont come in for inspection and finally i joke around hoping for a chance that i can keep my aftermart exhaust by saying, the above line and he came up, " aw fcuken that'll be fine you can do that", i laughed and thought to myself that yep im definitely going for this place, i rang my regular workshop, asked him if i can put in aftermart after i passed with the stock, he said "im not really supposed to tell you this but, yep once you get the clear you can put back your aftermart"
    lol but idk anything else about fines in the future, and yes the complain came from me neighbor im sure of it
  8. Weight or not, loud pipes only antagonize neighbours. You may well satisfy the EPA by retro-fitting the stock pipe but do you think they might already know that trick???? If you insist on keeping your anti-social pipe for lightness, you need to find a way of making it quieter...
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  9. If this ever happens to me on the gsxr I would just bolt on the full stock system to pass the test.
    But then again I don't ride around town bouncing off the limiter .

    He won't even feel the weight difference from stock pipe to aftermarket pipe on bike.
    Sounds like " ninja kid " loves fully hectic anti social mega loud exhaust which screams look at me !
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  10. ...and that would, almost certainly, work, but...... a few years ago, a mate bought himself a new Ducati 848, and fitted Termis to it.

    Cops duly had words with him, he got the invite to the EPA testing place, thought "No worries" fitted the original exhaust, went to EPA and failed the noise test. :-(

    I never actually heard how he got out of that one.....but I think his bike was off the road for quite a few months.
  11. Personally i dont really mine the stock what grinds my gear is the person who is reporting is not man enough to have a nice conversation over it n just decided to go anonymous went to epa n takin my exhaust n 50 bucks frm me, plus my time off it, thats what pisses me off, if he or she would just approached me i will understand
    And gotta admit that my exhaust is good not only by the size, the looks and the sound, people r just being hypocritical, dont judge yo :) n like i said nick, if u think gixxer is the best bike youve ever ridden, doesnt mean tht id say the same, thts what we call respect
  12. Why do you never hear about Harleys getting invited in for noise tests. They sound bloody horrible and annoy the hell out of everyone else.

    And NinjaKid, do you know the difference between a full stop and a comma? Reading your posts can be hard work.
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  13. I never said anywhere the gsxr is the best bike/ridden you flog.
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  14. #14 NinjaKid, Jan 12, 2016
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    Lol yeah sorry, never was good at writting stuff

    Nick, if
  15. " if " does not imply best bike/ridden !
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    Thats nasty on those ducatis hey, i just spoke to a ducati rider said that he just passed the epa test
    On his full termi, he said it might be worth considering to take the aftermart exhaust to the test, who knows it might just pass

    I guess the whole exhaust deal is a very debatable thing, people who likes bikes, people who likes loud exhaust
    wouldnt complain about it
    but people who dispise them yes,
    I guess we all can be so judgemental sometime, which reminds me of the quiet carriege in the trains lol
    I guess the whole world needs a little bit more love, you too nick
  17. I'm full of love ... Just not for ninja kids.;)
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  18. There is a reason why I push my bike down the road a bit if I am going on a 7am ride on a Sunday morning , its a good idea not to shit where you eat. In other words don't piss off your neighbours if you don't have to. Its easy for me as I can do it, sometimes you cannot help it
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    Look, this issue has been around since Adam was in knee-pants, and the debate is fraught with illogic and injustices, all around. It's abundantly obvious that neither the Police nor the EPA are game to pull Harleys for their idiotic noise pollution, which only points some pretty serious and high-level corruption. On the other hand, of course, you are quite right that your neighbour SHOULD have had the bottle to discuss this issue with you on a personal and reasonable basis (unless, of course, you have also kicked his dog, ogled his daughter or sent inappropriate selfies to his missus!). I would suggest that you would have been amenable to dealing with the noise in the appropriate manner had he done so. All that side, the fact is now that a very powerful Government instrumentality knows about you, and has the means to follow closely your behaviour from now on, so you have to respond. Obviously the simplest course of action is to get a proper baffle for your pipe (it didn't come with one???) and get the bike tested with it in place. That way you will know exactly where you stand. This is not a war that you can win with the status quo, either with the EPA, or with your neighbour.

    Exactly. I have a VFR with a Staintune pipe, with the legal baffle, but it's still pretty fruity. I keep in in my garage, start it there and get it out onto the road as soon as possible, for exactly the reasons you state.
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  20. i often start or finish work at midnight, stock exhaust is staying on my bike