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EOI: VTR250 Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by AndyJ, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Hi I'm taking up a custom vtr250 fairing project and was wondering if there is a market for a full fairing setup for the vtr250. This might mean I'd get the fairing made up by the professionals, who could potentially make a mould for more. Otherwise I'd just make a one off (or 3, depending how many colours I'd want for myself :) )

    If anyone would be interested, or would want to know more let me know :grin:


  2. That looks good!

    Good luck with it
  3. I'd suggest you get some fairing from another bike, any bike that you like, and just make some lugs for it to fit to youre frame.
  4. There's a fair bit involved to do it. The donor brackets will need to be cut/fitted (welded) to match. Bar clearances considered (needs clipons, not the standard bar), maybe modified steering stops too. then there's the choice of headlight to adopt, indicators, mirrors and the applicable mounting of them. The instruments need to be fixed differently too. :)

    So a lot of work. But it will be worth it. I remember when I had the vtr250 as a learner, how difficult it was at speed being hammered by the winds. Especially those cold mornings commuting. I would also have to expect a (little) improvement to the top speed :wink:
  5. Check this concept VTR out if you havnt sen it already
    I'd definately be interested in helping/hearing how you go with this project.
    Though it looks closer to the 1000, it says on the site its the 250...

  6. Wicked find!

    I saw that photo a few years back. Totally forgot about it! yeah, Honda should have brought out an RR version looking like that!

    But yeah, the goal is a 250 that looks just like the pic, coincidentally :grin:
  7. i wouldnt believe that for a second mainly because its a vtr1000f frame and crank cover, fairing, and radiators the 250 engine wouldnt look right in that frame

    oh and i just noticed on a second glance the riders peg hangers are from the 1000f from the 250's i have seen that set up isnt really possible
  8. yes, thats what i said... howevewr the site i got it from stated it was a 250, so it could possibly be a concept, though i do agree that it has the 1000's clutch cover/frame ect...
  9. Keep us up to date on the details of this, would be interesting to know the kind of costs involved.. I'd definately be interested in doing something similar with mine :grin: Still got a whole year on restrictions
  10. Anyone know what happened to this fairing project for the VTR250?
  11. Yes I do.... I got distracted! I've got the Firestorm fairings in my bedroom still. Anyone want to buy them to keep the project alive? I just haven't got the time for it :cry:
  12. lol how much?
  13. how much and what colour? if matt black you may have a buyer..
  14. hey back off i seen it first dom :LOL:
  15. Well, whatever happens - I'd like to see the finished project... think the VTR250 would look pretty cool...
  16. Suppose it's way too early for a pricing estimate but my guess is anyone successful with the mods would be onto a good little money spinner, considering the popularity of the bike... I'd definitely be interested.
  17. Having said that it's a 250 and while some people do mods like exhaust etc, I think most (myself included), as so often advised, save the $$ for the Big Bike (apart from ghetto things like drilling the exhaust :]
    Also, of those who do the mods, I'd expect a lot probably prefer it naked anyway .... can't see a whole lot of people being interested in it unfortunately
  18. Been thinking of getting a fairing for the VT250 though the styling makes it difficult to find something that looks "right" on it.