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EOI - Victorian Ski trip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, May 21, 2007.

  1. After discussing with a few others, I thought it would be an idea to find out if there is any interest in a ski weekend. I know this idea has flopped before, but I am keen as mustard and know a few others are as well.

    I was thinking a three or four day midweek trip would be the way to go...a bit cheaper and probably less crowded. I was wondering if some of the ski bunnies out there could offer some suggestions on lodges (discounts would be handy :wink: ) which hill to go to :p and how to get there. I have spent a grand total of about 10 days on white covered slopes, so I don't have much of an idea (suprise, surprise :LOL: )

    What are people's thoughts and anyone interested ????
  2. Yes please!!

    I'm trying to organise a few others as well, looking at early-mid July, probably Hotham, as there are a few beginners and Hotham has a good beginners area. No ski in / ski out lodging though. Stayed at the Pegasus, pretty quiet family oriented place. From what I hear Trapdoor is more lively and they happen to be a NR partner. Only, discounts in Summer though :roll: Best value is booking a big lodge 12 or so beds and chillin' like villains for a few days. We just don't have enough people at the moment... (possibly 4)

    I've not been to Falls Creek so can't comment but they have ski in / ski out lodges. I do reccommned you try it. ;)

    Mt Buller is closest but not very beginner friendly (in my opinion) but great for experienced skiers and boarders. As all the tourist play on the first ski lift and the rest of the mountain is pretty much open... if they get enough snow

    So my opinion would be Hotham for a couple days sounds like the butter on toast, but I wouldn't mind trying Falls Creek.

    Wouldn't bother with Buller except for maybe a day trip. or unless this winter see in a huge dump :roll: as if

    I usually bus it up coz I'm too buggered to drive home - plus it's 5 hours each way IN A CAGE!!

    I'll say yes definitely in for this. I'll make 2 trips this year if the timing is right. Happy to chip in for a gas/rental car/chains if someone volunteers to drive.
  3. Lil they might delete this coz of location?off topic maybe?
    But as you know, just say when. August is best time to gaurantee snow, if there is such a thing.
    Club lodge is the way to go to save bucks.
    Hunt and you can get them for $300 for 5 days, sometimes less, thats in a shared room though,usually with at least 2 other smelly fartin snoring comrades.
    Lift tickets will be about $93 a day.
    Food is more expensive,but in a club lodge,as with the Netrider-trapdoor Hotham lodge-you have cooking facilties and are basically big shared houses where you will be sharing a place with anyone from kids to pensioners and all in between.
    On mountain parking will set you back 26$ a night last year,per car.
    Chain hire is another $20 or so.
    Gear hire will be about 80$ a day for snowboard and boots.Skis,stocks and boots will be approximately 50$
    Gear on top of that-Although I wear my Dririder to ski in,works a treat.
    Buller and the crowds forget it unless its midweek and a good season.
    Falls creek is more a "family nountain for intermediate skiers and boarders-if you can ski, you can cover the whole mountain in 3-4 hours,although they do excellent terrain parks for the snowboarders and get roughly same snow as Hotham as there like 10 metres higher than each other but get different weather patterns due to winds and the way the terrain is.
    Hotham is Victoria's best terrain wise I personally reckon.Doonx will back me up here.Seany same,we are all pretty big fans of the white powder and Im sure would be keen-but sorry guys, I cant speak for them.

    If your staying on mountain and hiring all your gear, basically you aint going to get a heap of change from 170-200 bananas a day when all is said and done.
  4. Definitely

    hi there, new to the forum pretty much, but would DEFINITELY be up for a ski trip.
    My suggestion would be Hotham. Good mix of runs for both beginners and advanced. Usually better snow conditions than Buller and less crowded. I could probably rustle up a few more people as well.
  5. Already checked with Mouth :wink:
  6. i'd love to come.....shame it's not in holidays for me and i'm too far away for a quick little scoot down. :(
  7. I might come along for the shits and giggles if I'm not working.
    Forget the skiing though, I doubt I'd be fit/repaired enough to actually ski.
  8. As some of you know, I ski, a lot. We usually season passes to Hotham/Falls, but this year have decided not to in favour of returning to Japan in January 2008. But let me offer some food for thought on a Netrider Ski Trip based on a lot of first hand experience and knowledge of skiing, ski trip planning, and taking Noobs up the hill:

    # 1 - If you've never skied before, it's going to cost you a lot more than you think it will. Prepare yourself.
    # 2 - Regardless of how much it costs, it's worth it ! More fun you cannot have on your feet (or on your butt as the case maybe)
    # 3 - August is Australia's peak ski month in terms of average snow depth and fall. This doesn't guarantee you of anything and can change dramatically year to year, however being peak, it's dearer then.
    # 4 - Most "packages" in terms of accommodation are 2 nights (Fri/Sat), 5 nights (Sun/Thurs) or 7 nights. It's not impossible however to get a 3/4 night arrangement at some lodges etc, but they will prefer the standard booking.

    # 5 - Lessons are you friend! Take them, especially if you've never skied before, it's the best way to start, and the safest bet you'll get going sooner, easier and with a hell of a lot more enjoyment. If you've skied before but not for a while, then a refresher will get you going again, and quicker. When you but your ticket I highly recommend buy a ski lesson/lift ticket and asking for the 2 hour group lesson. I ski internationally and I take 2 half day private lessons with my instructor at Hotham each and every season in Australia.

    # 6 - Hire gear. Pros & Cons all over the place here. Hiring on the mountain means you can take stuff back if it's no good or something goes wrong with it. Hiring in the city means you can pay a little less, but if something goes bung up there, you're stuck and will have to then hire something up there to get you out of trouble. Most of the time everything is OK and you'll be fine.
    # 7 - It is against the law to NOT carry snow chains, even if you have a 4WD. Hire them, do not forget.

    # 8 - Accommodation. Where do I begin? There are many many options, it all depends on your budget. Self contained allows you to cook your own meals, therefore eating at the time you want to and saving on costs of food. This is best done with pre-made meals that are cooked at home and taken with you to the mountain. You can get lodge style accomm where facilities such as Kitchen, Living Areas etc are almost always shared, sometimes bathrooms are shared as well. Apartment style accommodation is just like a Motel, bed, bathroom etc but usually no cooking. Luxury Condo style - Big, modern, fireplaces, sauna spas, Plasma TV's, usually 2-3-4-5 bedroom sized, parking for a few cars, drying room, executive kitchen. They are the best, bring an ANZ Loan Application with you, not uncommon to pay $4000 for a weekend in these places. Your best bet is to hit the resort websites and have a look at the options available.

    Now that's just a VERY brief gloss over the main things to consider. There is also costs in Petrol & National Park Entry to keep in mind.

    If there are going to be a number of people going that are new or relatively new to skiing, that are interested in going, I would recommend you going to Falls Creek. It offers a good variety of skiing for ALL levels, has a large day centre with food facilities available, and Australia's only true Alpine Village. There is an immense variety and selection of accommodation.

    As an indication and as I said above, Tam and I are not buying season passes this year, so we are budgeting that a ski weekend (no lessons), all up will cost us about $600, and that's staying in our regular accommodation in Bright where we get a very special price, and we own every single piece of gear we need.

    Staying "Off Mountain" is also an option and will save you money. If you are thinking Hotham/Falls, then staying at Bright will allow you the choice of going to either Hotham or Falls and your ski/lesson ticket is valid for both resorts. The pay-off is the hour drive in the morning and the evening.

    For the first timer/haven't skied for a long time, I would suggest that you see if you can stretch and stay on mountain. You're going to find it a lot easier, and you'll get a far nicer experience. If you think Falls Creek is a good option, I would recommend checking out "Diana Lodge", they offer Motel styled rooms (private bathroom), and have a communal lounge and bar, and dining room. Meals are provided as part of the tarrif.

    One thing with Falls Creek, you are going to take it in the neck for Oversnow Transport, and you ARE going to need it. If it comes down to it, I'll give you more details later, and some advice ;)

    Stay away from school holiday times for obvious reasons, and that includes interstate school holidays. Accommodation is usually a little cheaper mid week compared to weekends, but tickets are the same regardless.

    All in all, I say GO FOR IT !!! You're going to love it, it's a blast!!!
  9. Hotham is in my opinion the best by a long shot but I've raced at a national level and appreciate high speed tree dodging, steep drops and jumps. :wink: Unfortunately they have the least to offer Learners as far as Green slopes go. The summit is highly exposed to the elements and 60 knot winds and blizzards become very uncomfortable. The Big D is better for beginners but it only offers two runs and since they banned jumps and tricks off the rocks on the mound it can quickly become boring (not to mention crowded).

    For an all round mountain that can cater for everyone, Falls Creek makes the most sense. They have huge areas of green and blue runs. The blue runs such as Towers, Scotts chair and around Father Fosters will also entertain experienced skiers by turning less for more speed similar to Imagine at Hotham (great chance to practice rolling those race turns) and the freestyle parks are a hoot (3 levels of parks when there's enough snow). Experienced skiers can also enjoy the Summit, Chainsaw and Widow Maker. :twisted:

    For beginners, the Wombats Ramble and and cloud nine areas offer a bit of variety without moving too far from the Cloud Nine restaurant. :grin:

    Netriders being Netriders, I would guess that drinking is part of the plan so Falls also makes sense. The village is easy to navigate and reasonably safe whereas Hotham lends itself to problems with pubs being very close to steep snow covered slopes. Stepping off the road while drunk and cold can cause big issues.

    Also, Gebis rock and if you book ahead they may well do a special deal on ski hire for a large group. :)

    As for me, I'm a good chance to make it if it's during school holidays (unfortunatley more expensive). Otherwise mid week will be impossible for me, but even if I can't join you I will lend you my chains (fit most 14" wheels). :)
  10. I can recommend the Pretty Valley Alpine Lodge (http://www.ski.com.au/prettyvalley/). It's up at Falls Creek (my favorite) and has all the mod cons like a large bathtub warm outdoor pool, spa, sauna and theater room. It's in a very convenient location (ski in and out) and all your meals are included.

    If you're on a bit of a budget then you can always stay down the base of the mountains and bus it up each morning but it's a pain.

    Also, I prefer Falls over Hotham. I find that the blue (medium difficulty) runs on Hotham are just to steep and short. However, Big D and Summit are great for beginners and if you can be assed the runs around The Orchard are nice for the intermediates.


    EDIT: What Seany said... :)
  12. Let me think.....

    Properties of snow - VERY cold, wet, hard and unforgiving.

    Nope, can't see any attraction in that, sorry :p
  13. - Snow is, in ski gear you're not

    - doesn't mean you get wet

    - like fluffy Australian Powder snow ??? Never !

    - that's ice you're thinking of, don't find that anywhere in the Australian ski resorts

    - look harder, I reiterate: "More fun you cannot have on your feet"

  14. Maybe if you're a good skier, which I aint! Last time I went, I came away cold, wet and sore. Doesn't really scream for me to return I'm afraid.

    Rather spend the weekend riding! :grin:
  15. He just wants me to stay away from his powder lines :roll:
  16. Mary's Slide is mine! All Mine!!!!!!!! :tantrum: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. After Ive finished with and carved it a new one :grin:
    Besides, you will be over Falls Creek, :LOL: Seany
  18. you boys are all kidding yourself ! You know it's all mine [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. Piss off the lot of ya! :mad: I claimed it first. :cool:

    If that's too hard for you to accept, then next year I'll roshambo you for it. :LOL:
    No, just sending the beginners that way. :wink:

    Race Gully's mine too. :grin:
  20. lol.. come on girls, im sure there is enough room for all of you...

    im interested, but dunno fi ill have the finaces available. would need a more definate date.

    AND... i might have a friend that manages a few rental places up at falls. :D