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EOI Thursday 21st April ride

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by derick, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Anybody else on easter holidays? ;-)

    Weather permitting.
    Leaving Yatala 8:00am

    Current thinking for a short ride: Yatala, Canungra, beechmont,pine creek-goldcoast springbrook road to Mugeraba and back.

    Or for a longer ride something like:

    Stop anywhere nice for a bite.
    Open to discussion though, happy to do something different.


  2. I'm still at uni thursday but if I can bail from classes for the day I'll come along.
  3. I dunno ... $$$ ...

    I like this ride, particularly the Beaudesert - Boonah section.
    I even like to come back the same way. It's much faster and more open than the run last week, but I don't know what condition it's in because it's been some years since I've done it. It used to be bluddy awesome! Good place for litre class sporties to clear their throats.
  4. Looks good, but I'm a little wary of too much wide open space that tempts me to do bad things :wink::demon:

    Hehe, just found this (I know is dated....):

    I'd hazard a guess the state of that road is probably not so good . It would definitely require a require a reccy for that reason, which I unfortunately don't have time for. If anybody knows any better...

    I'm leaning towards the Murwillumbah Route.
    It has a good mixture of tight twisties( Beechmont) plus nice fast sweepers e.g Advance Town, and my favourite, Burringbar Ranges.
  5. Ride is definitely going ahead tomorrow.
    Look out for a blue zx10r.
  6. bummer, only seen this now, I'd have to go and get my bike from home and considering I finish work in brisbane at 7am and home is on the Sunshine Coast, well yea, got no hope. If anyone is keen for one friday or saturday let me know.
  7. It was good meeting you scott, had a ball.
    Busted a fork seal tho, so am getting my suspension rebuilt,woohoo :beer:...
  8. It was a Awesome day. . Great Roads, Sweet as Weather, No Policia :angel:. . No good about the fork seal :eek: Have a good Easter
  9. Sorry I missed it guys - I was thinking Saturday morning ... don't know why...

    Anybody doing anything Sat 23rd April?