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Eoi: Suzuki gsxr1000 k6

Discussion in 'Archived' started by tonee, Apr 23, 2011.

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  1. I've been thinking and have realised I don't need a fancy machine like this. I'm still a uni student and commute every day so its a waste to load up this beautiful machine with K's. So something cheaper and more comfortable would be ideal of my purpose. Oh plus I'm over the racer boy wannabe stage and have took up interests in tough looking naked V-twins.

    So its a GSXR1000 2006
    - 10,XXX KM, Very low compared to others in the market
    - Has a Yoshi Pipe, not sure which one it is but its the first I've seen on these bikes.
    - Changed the Oil and Oil filter at 10,000

    I'm after around $10,000 ONO



  2. Great pics. Good luck!
  3. [​IMG]

    You're supposed to turn the dash on and take a picture of the odometer reading (for proof) ya goose.

    Still, at least we know you're not on an oilrig.
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  4. After having sold my K5 recently, I can certainly vouch for the awesomeness of the K6, its twin brother !
    Awesome, sought -after bikes, great pull down low, comfortable for commutes/long rides (mine went all over VIC ~23,000km in approx 9mths of riding)...

    A great bike and in awesome 'nick', Tony. I wish you all the best with your sale. Sold mine for similar reasons to yours - too nice a bike to convert to track only. I'm sure your ad won't be here too long.

    PS - Best of luck with uni mate.
  5. Dimi: I had a look at the muff, it seems to already have the dual tips
  6. Yes i know it already had the dual tips, i was just stating that you could change from single to twin if you wanted :) and back again :) Good luck with the sale, the paintwork looks immaculate!
  7. ooh lol my bad...thanks!

    Went for a ride today after nearly a whole week and it just feels exhilarating...
  8. So soon!

    Best of luck with the sale mate, I know how you feel with the 1000 being a bit much for every day. I'm planning on doing the same very soon!
  9. Hhrrmm....saw some nice nakeds on the street today and they just look so comfortable.

    So the KM is 148xxkm now...

    $9,500 Unless you have a nice naked bike like Z1000, SV1000, Speed triple I'd be interested to swap

    Just ordered stomp grips too so it'll come with them for free and a couple of brand new brake pads
  10. Swapsies for a TRX850? :)
  11. That's got too much fairing :p
  12. Nah, gonna stick to 1000s...love the noise on them
  13. Sv1000s?

    Rough idea on changeover?
  14. I have been researching them, then found out that VTR1000fs are supposely better in terms of power and reliability.
  15. Can't answer that. Mine has been perfect.

    Everyone has VTRs though, that why I went the SV.

    No worries, good luck with sale.
  16. I had a SV1000s for two years never had an issue with reliability
  17. Cmon boys I found a replacement so need to get rid of this beautiful machine. There's some extras I forgot to mention:

    Double bubble tint screen
    Hel braided brake lines front and rear installed last week
    Stomp grips installed last week
    A couple of Brand new boxed brake pads
    Oggy knobs
    And a very loud horn for the blind cagers
Thread Status:
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