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EOI - St Johns Ambulance Motorcycle First Aid Course - Sydney

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by KANGA, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I am looking at organizing a group to do the St John Ambulance Motorcycle first aid course. This course is set up especially to teach how to treat injuries that can occur in the course of a motorcycle accident.

    I am proposing a date of September 8th to give time to attract some numbers as I am not sure how keen people would be for this.

    Because it is a specialised course it is run a little bit differently. Basically there is a lump sum cost and it is split among the people attending.
    We would also need to provide a venue to do it in which may cost another 200 to be split amongst the participants.
    Ideally I am aiming to get a group above 15 people to reduce the costs per person. If you are interested and can make that date please post in here, if we have enough interested I'll start making some moves to have it properly organized.
  2. So that price is per person or group deal? Guessing and hoping group deal :) I will give a tentative maybe at this point, I have my senior first aid, not sure if there's much difference in that and this course, do they have a listing of what they teach?
  3. Put me down for 2. Me and the missus will do it.
  4. that price is the the total cost for the course which will be split amongst the amount of participants. :)

    I found this a while ago, not sure how up to date it is.
    safety at the scene of an accident
    recognition and management of the unconscious rider
    management of trauma including bleeding (internal & external)
    resuscitation techniques
    burns treatment
    wounds including impaled objects
    gravel rash, laceration, contusions and management of the casualty
    when and how to remove a motorcycle helmet
  5. Hmm, sounds more incident based which is cool. Probs a bit of a refresher, still a tentative maybe here depending on price.
  6. if you get stuck for numbers, I would even consider a ride from Brissie to do this. Bonus is I get an excuse to do a long distance ride!
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    Interested at this stage
  8. interested.

    is it classed as a full first aid course so can be used for work resumes etc?
  9. I'll send off and e-mail and find out SBB :)
  10. Check out the courses offered by ASMA,
    The ASMA crash course for the motorcyclist does include the Australian First Aid Certificate and a course that 20000 riders have done in the USA.
    NSW instructor is Paramedic Educator, Ride Instructor and set up NSW ambulance motorcycle division.
    Includes an ASMA patch
  11. I'm interested if it includes a First Aid Certificate
  12. ... I'm interested.
  13. I am keen.
    Great idea!
  14. Sounds good - One day or two day course?

    Very interested
  15. Tentatively interested as well, probably plus 2.
  16. I've already got a senior first aid so i'd be interested in the MC specific course only. Put me down if that's what it covers.
  17. I'm interested.
  18. Definitely Interested. Location?
  19. scrap that ... NSW...:(
  20. i'd be interested :)