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EOI - Ride from brisbane...

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by BalmyBrowny, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. G;day all, got a mate staying with me for about another week (till next sunday) forum name is curriemuncha... yes he can't remember his password he he...

    Just looking for a easy to medium ride anytime in the next week....

    Feel free to message for a ride! (of the bikes of course :p )
  2. pitty it wasnt a little longer there is a group ride on the 17th

    other wise, ask around they might be doing a reccy run on it while ya mate in town
  3. Hey Balmy,

    I've got the week off and am up for a ride. Didi you have a particular day in mind :-k
  4. depending on the day, i might be up for it ;)
  5. thanks for the responses. My mate Matt is pretty much free any day except saturday. As he has to pack to leave sunday 3am. So anything is good.

    Pity i don't have my bike anymore... would love to go for a midweek run... generally less traffic.
  6. What :shock: How can this be?
  7. arrh well., let me know if still keen as have this week off
  8. hey guys it's curriemuncha here

    sorry but due to the floods out west i have to leave earlier then expected to make sure i make it ou there in time

    so at this stage i've had to push everything up a few days and looks like i won't have the time now afterall

    but if anything changes (it'll be last minute) i'll let you know through here

    anyway thanks guys and ride safe