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EOI-Off or Off/On road ride VIC

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Kernel, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Wondering if I could get all Dual Sport/Road Trail/Dirt bike owners together and maybe a few game road bike owners to do a dual sport or off-road ride. Not sure where yet but definitely no more than 2 and a half hours from Melbourne. We might just make it a full on trail ride or maybe a dual sport ride (off road + pavement/gravel). I'm thinking we could go up to the Limberlost Trail Bike Visitor Area in the Yarra Ranges.
    Or maybe someone else knows of some good trails that we could go on?
    Edit: Actually, me and a mate are going on a ride up in Limberlost in about a months time. Perhaps a few people from these forums could get in on our ride? It would be really awesome.

  2. Hey mate, id be keen as long as it isnt too full on offroad
  3. I possibly posted this in the wrong forums, could a mod please move it to Ride/Event planner.
    Well where me and my mate are riding will probably be some pretty gnarly off roading, but if enough people are keen I'm sure I could ride around and find some easy stuff.
  4. Hey Kernel,

    I'm up for a ride as long as it is easy stuff ... my KLR is set up for street - she wears Pirelli Scorpions, and they are great touring tyres but realistically they have pretty limited gravel ability.

    Would be great to get together and meet some fellow dual sport riders!

  5. I want to, but my tires are street :/ not to mention my bike isnt particularly light.
    I am soooo jonesing for MX bike at the moment.

    Beat me by about a minute :/
  6. This isn't by chance a reason to ride on some grass is it Nick?
  7. Yeah I was more thinking some gnarly off roading with some pavement in between, gravel roads would be pretty tame compared to what I'd like to do.
    Maybe I should try some dirt bike forums
  8. yeah, everyone freaked out when I suggested going down donna-buang and acheron way :/
  9. Acheron way would be a good run,,
  10. There's hundreds of km's of gravel roads through to 4WD tracks to single track through the Otways. I have ridden from Anglesea through to Appollo bay and out towards Simpson all on gravel/dirt roads/tracks.