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[EOI???] Naked Ride / Awareness Ride (yes like the ad)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by far_canel, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Just an idea at the moment, would organising a naked ride through melbourne (or any other city) be worth the media attention to attempt to draw awareness to the harzards faced by motorcycle riders from inattentive car drives? (just like the TV ad in the UK, youtube it, i can't link it from work). A bunch of cyclists did it a few days ago. From what I understand they got away with it, i.e. no public nudity charges.

    Clearly helmets would be required, and would most likely need a safe route marked by police for say a roll through at 40km/h in the hope that no one comes off (picture the gravel rash, faarrrrrrrkkkkkk). Helmets would be required which might boost attendance as people might be able to 'hide inside there helmet' for those wary of getting it off in public. Would flyers need to be printed and handed out to passers by and observers to read and see what we go through day to day etc (basic information etc)??

    Maybe organize a start and end point in an underground car park where people can strip and leave there riding gear under watchful eyes of some sort. Ideally, a ride in one of the morning artierals (spelling??) such as the eastern, or tulla would draw alot more attention.

    Only issue may be the cold...

  2. thoughts?

    postpone it till a warmer week :p
    short of that it would generate publicity, yeah.
    i dunno if the cops would appreciate another nude ride though.
    they might think we think we can continue to get away with it, and feel the need to book everyone.

    i think the only reason the cyclists wernt caught is coz the cops on pushies had clothes on. none of that streamlined nakedness :LOL:
  3. Have you seen what a lot of motorcyclists look like naked?! Have a look around you at the next Toy Run or something.
    Cyclists might get away with it (hell, they get away with everything), but motorcyclists would get put away for life.
  4. I don't know - the advert that NSW did a while back had a couple of good looking riders in it. But I think going by the Netriders I know (myself included) - it's a pretty ugly thought.

    Especially the OFARC members... :LOL:
    look it up you noobs... :p
  5. Ride naked, . . Then you might find out what a real tank slapper is
    :p :p
  6. Riding naked is f*cking excellent, but I wouldn't waste it on some bullshit protest. It's a celebration goddammit!
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  8. remember the guy who did a thread about getting sunburnt through his jeans because of the way the sun was reflecting off the tank?