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EOI - Mav wants to move on

Discussion in 'Archived' started by mav, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Tentatively SOLD
    listed for higher price on other sites.

    1994/5 Yamaha YZF600R Thundercat

    600cc - Non LAMS
    65,000 kms.
    Serviced per log book since brand new. Have papers to prove it. (**Self-serviced since Dec 2011.)
    Mich Pilot Power 2 tyres, good tread.
    Used as a commuter only, all weather. Stored locked & undercover. Cleaned and polished regularly (and i include detailing).
    Non-modified, completely stock bike.
    Paint and decals are original and have not faded.
    300km to a tank on premium - ~$20 to fill up.
    NSW Rego till Sept '12
    Smooth step up from restrictions, usable linear power.

    Needs a rear brake disc replacement. (read: front works fine) approx $200.00 off ebay
    Cam chain tensioner needs adjustment / tightening.
    Couple of lay-downs by myself (trying to do U-turn on a confined, steep driveway), nothing broke as she's a tough biatch, but the scratches are there.
    ******** in a 4WD reversed and knocked her over, hence the new brake / clutch lever. (didnt seem right to replace just the brake lever).

    Work done:
    New front and rear sprockets
    New chain
    New front brake + clutch lever (match original parts, nothing fancy)
    K&N air filter
    2 oil changes with Motul + filter @ 5,000km intervals...(since owning her)

    Bike comes with:
    Brand new front and rear brake pads.
    Bag rack + bag. Expandable RJAYS. big mofo, lots of extra pockets.
    Original tool kit in under seat storage.
    Good condition service manual relevant to year / make / model along with part numbers for service spares.

    Western Sydney location.

    I'm third owner, had her for 6 months, want to move onto something bigger.

    I have had a few jealous NR's take her for a spin and they've all come back with goofy grins. She's that easy and fun to ride.

    Anyway, hit me up for more info. PM or thread.

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  2. What u want now?
  3. a scooter :p.............im guessing hehhe.

    Good luck Mav. Is all good so long as you get another bike :)........and not wander off into the cage only world of motorists. Get a his and her bike :).
  4. a rossi replica R6? lol


    larger capacity but still flickable, prob with some sort of fairing

    f*** that she can get her own
  5. Glad to hear you guys are still going to be riding!!

    Good luck with the sale! :)
  6. bump price drop
  7. make a good premodern racer
  8. If it were LAMS I'd have considered it :(

  9. true that

    or it could be a half decent trackie
  10. I'd love it if I had $2.2 spare and I was upgrading. If it's still there in 6 months you've got a buyer. :p
  11. im off lams in 5........
  12. Don't you dare boy-o... I've ridden a yzf750 before I got my bike for a little while... I WANT IT. damned uni wages not letting me pay for anything :(
  13. **** me I wish I still had that 3 grand sitting in my savings :nopity:
  14. as advertised, I'm listing this price only on NR.

    restrictions are to ride, not own...so you could buy it and wash and polish it for 5 to 6 months and plan for mods... :demon:
  15. take it to the track in the mean time ;)
  16. I actually am legally supposed to start my unrestricted in march... But I want to have enough money to upgrade by november-ish so I am able to start investigating, and buy deals like this if they come around! Honestly mate, if this is still here in october - november (doubt it will be, unless you'd sell it for like $1500 in which in like three months I'd buy it..........) then I would buy it outright - cash... :(
  17. dont worry too much.....
    im more of an fzr fan, besides its not red and white:angel:
  18. Tentatively SOLD

    ...pending receiving funds.

    please close thread.
  19. Well done on the sale - hope it all goes through for you.

    ...If it doesn't, send me a PM :D
  20. carefull what you wish for.

    ill hold you to that
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