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EOI Marulan Track Day Saturday October 13 *LAMS/low Power only*

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by lats, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hey geezers, the car forum that I belong to, Fordxr5turbo.com, is having a track day at Marulan Driver Training Centre on October 13th. As we struggling to get the required numbers, I suggested, and it has been agreed, to run a motorcycle session on the same day.

    So for those that don’t know Marulan, it’s not classed as a racetrack, actually it’s a driver training centre, but the track is more than enough to go flat out and thoroughly enjoy yourself (it just doesn’t have a long straight for high speeds).

    I’ve put some copy pasta below from the other forum, but basically we’re looking for 6-7 bikers that might be interested. I’m restricting this to LAMS/low power riders as I want this to be more about learning your bike and how to ride, more than out and out racing (if you want that, do a ride day at Wakefield/EC).

    That’s the general idea, if you’re interested, post up on here and I’ll give you more information.

    Just for clarification, the bike session will be different to the cars, so we won’t be sharing the track with cagers. You should expect to have 5-7 sessions through the day, which is more than enough in my experience

    Fordxr5turbo.com forum rules apply to this event, as will any netrider.com rules (sorry I’m still a newbie to this place).

    Come with a friendly attitude and a desire to learn more about your bike and how to ride it.

    Oh yeah, d1ckheads need not apply. Hopefully you know if you are one :p

  2. I think it's 5 riders lats....so 3 spots available. :)
  3. Booo, but yes 5 total. 2 are taken. There's three spots left. If you want, let me know
  4. Attn Mods, I've now read the sticky thread and added this to the calendar thread
    Thanks :)
  5. I would be interested but its a long way and I'd hate to be stranded if i dropped my bike and did damage i couldn't fix with the basic toolkit :p
  6. You wouldn't be stranded. Just your bike!:p

    We'll more than likely have a bike trailer there on the day so if someone does lay theirs down we'll arrange something
  7. do what lats and I are doing.....trailer the bike down..... ;)
  8. The no overtaking rule is a bit much, isn't it?
  9. I don't have the luxury of a trailer...or a towbar :p
  10. You can overtake, but only on the main straight. You can overtake in other areas but only with the vehicle being overtaken. It's a 45 second lap time you're not gonna be waiting for long :D
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    Ouch, 170 is a bit steep! The normal cyberbike days are $100.

    Last time I went with my gf and we took turns on her bike, and just rode it there and back. Worked out pretty good, no one smashed it.

    Marulan is a very fun track on a small bike. For anyone interested here's a couple of my videos from there.

    CBR250RR - [media=youtube]ai2ohNQu0s8[/media]
    Daytona 675 - [media=youtube]OqFPFxZoqUE[/media]
  12. Do you think the price is balanced out by only 5 riders on the track? How many riders are there at a normal Marulan track day?
  13. have they increased their price?....last I went it was $110 plus $30 license.

    If only I had my lams bike id still sooo go............still better than the rip off and always booked eastern creek.
  14. Ah I thought it was 100 + $10 for license, but you could be right. I got a license already so I didn't have to renew it last time.

    Deadsy, there's usually about 5-6 bikes per group and 4-5 groups, around 6 sessions.

    PS: Does anyone know who the photographer that is there usually? Last few times I went there was an asain lady taking photos. I thought it was that onestop place but it's not. Can't find out who it is and I'm keen to see the pics.
  15. Nice vids mate.

    Interesting about the Cyberbike days. i wasn't aware of that. I need to look into this more

  16. price wise this is an organised private track day with track instructor, recovery crew and ambulance all there on standby all day....not just a public 'speed of the streets' style day.

  17. Yeh so is cyber bike, burnie hatton takes you around the track on foot and shows everyone the lines and gives you tips during the day.
  18. That's who I thought too but they have nothing listed for 2012 and I emailed them a while back and they said its not them who was there :s
  19. I thought she was the Mrs of one of the TopRider instructors.....I think she travels from queensland.
  20. Bah, if the Spada wasn't in pieces I'd have it there in a heartbeat.
    I notice the dress requirements don't include a jacket either - SQUIDDIN' TIME!