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EOI: Jenolan, Oberon maybe Bathurst early next week

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Ljiljan, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Just gauging interest for now. First half of next week. Bells and Jenolan Rd, then out to oberon. From there either head to bathurst for lunch or grab some lunch at oberon and head back to jenolan for a coke, then back to syd.

  2. i would be a possible, depending on any work appointments i may have, where would you be planning on starting the ride?
  3. Any chance of this happening mid March onwards ? (y)
    Have fun guys.....will eventually get to ride with you Sydney-siders soon :)
  4. When your down we can easilly organise another 1 nickers
  5. i live near bathurst and i'm planing to ride those roads myself one day soon, let us know how it goes and any things i should look out for.have fun!
  6. aiming for this to be on monday.
  7. Sounds great but why Monday? can we have this Sunday instead?
  8. I have a job interview 9am monday, so wouldn't be at the ride start point till 10.30 to 11 depending on interview length, probably way too late
  9. im in if its sunday....unless something comes up.
  10. not sunday. Several reasons.

    I'll talk to my mate. He might be able to wiggle around. I was hoping to do it tuesday, but he could only go monday when I mentioned it.
  11. Lucky bugers having fun on a school day :p, I hate you guys lol.
  12. Its the best way mate.
  13. yep, me and finn went up oberon last monday, and had virtually no traffic, till we came down through katoomba to go home and hit the endless bloody roadworks that is
  14. Probably a better choice going down Putty again instead of Great Western, those roadworks never end, they were doing road works there 2-3 years ago when I worked at Blackheath.
  15. They've been ongoing for roughly the last ten years. Sure it's a pain now but when it goes dual carriage way the whole way through, it will be sensational. I'm not looking forward to when they start on katoomba to mount vic though, that will be a nightmare.
  16. Richmond. Inconvenient, but not many other options.
  17. thats where i guessed, its no problem i can motorway up there fairly easy
  18. well, wont be doing this tomorrow, just not mentally ready for it. Aim for tues.
  19. I do a oberon/jenolan loop quite regularly. theres a great place called applebar near bilpin to stop at, and another one in oberon but i cant remember the name right now :p

    you will have to wait at jenolan until 1:15 for the road to open.
  20. While I'm interested, but the reality is that work comes first, and I can't really do two big rides so close together. Sounds like you guys have unlimited day pass from home and from work. :)