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(EOI) heated vest group buy

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Woodsy, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Well i'm oficialy over this crappy cold weather in Vic.
    I'm going to go and buy a heated vest before the QLD ride.

    Any one interested in buying one and trying to screw the suplier for a better price???

    Retail about $275


  2. Don't forget to buy the matching skirt to go with it mate :rofl:

    just joking :wink:
  3. As much as I love buying gadgets on a whim, I don't really have much of an issue with my torso ever getting cold - the right clothing and I'm toasty! So as sad as it is for me to actually say this, I couldn't really justify the money on a heated vest.

    Now heated hand grips is another matter - those I could really use! Heated socks too :LOL:
  4. Woodsy, any idea what discount price they would do for a nominal number of buyers??? You might generate more interest... possibly mine too...
  5. I can keep the body warm enough, but I'm with bluesuede; I'd like some heated SOCKS, does anyone make them???

    {answering his own question, (thanks, Google) YES, they do!! http://www.thunderboltsocks.com/ }
  6. I can "screw" the supplier for a good deal if you get a definite number of interested people. I'm not interested in going through the motions of group buys :evil:
  7. Maybe?

    Price dependent I'm a maybe? I'd probably be interested for $200 or less.... Not sure if they would go that low of course. I've just bought a Dri-Rider Nordic jacket, before that I'd have paid anything to be warm, but I'm doing OK at the moment.
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  9. Still a maybe

    I'm sure you're right. I could go more possibly. I'll stay posted and see what happens. Just one more freezing ride could see me prepared to pay the big bucks.
  10. +1 :grin:
  11. I might be interested, price dependant. Haven't actually picked up my bike yet so I don't know how cold I'm going to get when I'm riding. But I do get cold easily, and the vest could also come in useful given I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of my spare time hanging around ice skating rinks!! :)
  12. I spend about 14 hours a week on the bike commuting in all weather. When its below freezing and you're in it for hours EVERY DAY then you can tell me I'm a pussy for having made my own heated vest.

    I won't believe you though :)

    I used this recipe:

    Basically I bought a bunch of wire from Dick Smiths, the smallest insulated wire they had.

    Stuck each end of it onto a 12v battery, and waited 5mins to see how hot it got. Cut it shorter to make it hotter. Ended up with about 4-5m of wire, drawing about 4Amps.

    Then I pinned the wire zigzag onto a cheap polarfleece vest, and stitched over it to hold it in place.

    Added a plug, and made a socket for my bike.

    Total cost about $18 including vest, wire, plug/socket.

    Disclaimer: this is what I did. Not necessarily what you should do. You may be silly enough to electrocute yourself, stab yourself with the wire, strangle yourself with the vest, or similar idiotic difficulties. You paid $0 for this advice, that's how much liability I owe you. If you want to sue someone, go buy a commercial product from someone who gets money off you.
  13. That's very cool, hotcam. If I wasn't such a lazy f*cker I'd investigate further.
  14. I am pretty handy with a sewing machine (even if it is dusty atm)
    Loz.... you do the wiring aspect, I can do the sewing :)