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EOI - Group Buy - GoPro Hero HD Motorsport or Drift HD or VIO POV

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by goz, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. EOI - Group Buy - GoPro Hero HD Motorsport



    Good going Netrider gang as we struck a pretty good deal, cant wait to see all your videos



    davidp1984's cousin

    Not Paid



    Item Received
  2. nothing to see here
  3. I may be in. All depends on what price and when. Never heard of the drift one before but definitely seems good. Anyone know about how reliable it is compared to the others?
  4. I am definitely keen as was planning on getting a GoPro for mountain bike, motorbike and water action. Could change to another one if it is still wide angle and waterproof. depending on price.

    bill (who has LOTS of stills cameras and has two video cameras that he wants)
  5. Hey Goz,

    I've received my VIO 1.5 and have been out playing with it today, so far VERY impressed. While it may not be HD it's still brilliant quality, took a couple of vids with the camera head mounted on my helmet today...but mounted the camera too low so a great viw of the speedo and rev counter a a bit of road in front of the bike](*,)

    The sound quality of the built in mic is great though I just tucked the cable with the mic head attached into my jacket, the Superduke never sounded so good:D

    Once I get some decent footage I'll upload it somewhere
  6. Consider me interested Goz. Drift Innovations I guess.

    Fun Ha!
  7. *subscribed and undecided*
  8. hey goz i'm also interested in the drift. Have you got a rough idea of what discount were talking about?
  9. Drift for me but it comes down to the end cost as this is currently a rather large jump out of my price range..But for the kit it looks to be well worth the jump
  10. I'm going to keep the price hidden from this thread to respect the companies wishes (so people later on cant use this thread as a price match) So i will send everyone a PM on what the prices will be as soon as i get it, i have a rough idea on the VIO and GoPro but not the Drift..

    But as i said, its a EOI at the moment to get the ideas on numbers and how much to drop the price. (more numbers = better price)
  11. ill give this till Friday, if theres no more interest in it, consider it canned
  12. Sorry I might of missed something, prices? (RRP or rough guess?) ta.
  13. I use one of these for work, and I've come to the conclusion that it's overpriced and underperforming. It's handy to have a separate viewing unit, and the battery and card life is great, but the image quality is rubbish compared to newer units that record in HD for a quarter the price.

    Our VIO POV system cost over $1200 when we bought it 2 years ago - compare it against this:


    or this:


    Or this:


    All of which are full 1080p HD and around the US$300 mark. That's the segment I'd be looking in.
  14. I'm interested in the drift.
  15. I will be interested in one of the above. Not sure which one I want, so I will let the numbers decide. Eitherway, count me in.
  16. I bought the non-HD drift a couple of weeks back.
    It's big but it is waterproof. And it takes photos.
    I've got mine on the top of my helmet and it's very noticable due to it's gargantuan size.
    It makes you look like an unmarked bike cop.

    You can delete files on the fly so no problem with memory capacity. It takes AA batteries but I've found you can connect a USB charger (not included) to the back while recording (although then you have to open the back up so it loses it's 'waterproofness'). I don't know if the HD one has the same specs though.
  17. I have spoken to a few mates. They are also interested. Most common factor in whether people are interested is price. If its too good a deal to miss then they are in. So count me in as interested from 1-4 cameras. Either the drift or go pro, not the vio.
  18. im interested in a VIO more than likely depending on price
  19. I'd be in pending price and time of order. Tax return should be due in the next week or so. Shoot me a pm if you have a rough idea goz.