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[EOI] Funky's Mega Loop

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Funkmonkey, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Greetings programs,

    Doing a decent length ride today if anyones interested, probably starting out from Altona Meadows 1030 - 11ish i think... whenever im up and about.

    Heading around the Ring Road to Greensborough, Hurstbridge, Kinglake, Toolangi, down to Healesville, Narbethong, Acheron Way down to Warburton, Warburton Hwy into Mt Evelyn, Mount Dandy Tourist Road to Ferntree Gully, Ferntree Gully Road to the M1 then a 40 minute blast back home to Meadows.

    Good ol' google maps is telling me its about a 4 and a half hour ride and 290 Klicks, will probably take me a bit longer as i end up stopping every now and again wherever i feel like stopping.

    Feel free to PM me if anyones interested in tagging along but ill be going at my own pace (unless someone slower wants to join in, im not bothered)

    Planned route - *edit* trying to make the goddamn map show up *another edit* doesnt wanna work so stuff it youre just gonna have to trust me
  2. Meeting spot?
  3. Is this still happening? I'm guessing based on the time that you posted the announcement that you're possibly still in bed, but if I've missed it then I'd like to head out for a blat anyway.. :)
  4. Sorry guys i slept in!!!

    Im still keen if anyone else is. I can arrange meeting spot depending on whos interested. Have recieved your PMs and have sent an sms to yas.
  5. I'm gonna be in the Dandenongs sometime this arvo for a pie run to Olinda if you're interested in meeting up for pies and a chin-wag. :D
  6. Sorry mate, didnt see that until this afternoon, hope you had a good one.
  7. Cheers to Antoman, Andrew, and Gundy for joining me on that decent ride! Hope you all got home safe.
    See you all soon.
  8. Yep, thanks.. really enjoyed the ride through Toolangi etc.. lovely roads, and beautiful scenery. And yes, those Sausage Rolls at Healesville were bloody awesome too.

    I hope you guys enjoyed the rest of the trip, and thanks for waiting up for me on the Healesville run.

    That was great fun for a spur-of-the-moment thing :)
  9. Home sweet home! Nice to be out of that helmet! Clocked up 385 kms today all up, I earnt these beers!!! See you on the next one