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EOI - Friday 11th March - Berowra->Old Pac->Wootton Way->Nabiac & back

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by lornetkowiec, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Been planning this for a while and have Friday off so I'm doin this.

    This is a BIG ride (600km round trip) and involves a bit of boring freeway inbetween the good bits. Probably not the best for learners or p's unless you're comfortable doing long distances and going reasonably quick :angel:

    Plan to meet at Berowra mobil at 8am, leave by 8:15. Head down the old pac, stop for breaky at Road warriors then head north up the freeway to Bulahdelah. Once past there do a few laps of the magic Wootton Way. This road cuts up & down two mountains, mostly 100km/h speed limit with wide lanes and a great mix of long sweepers with some tighter twisty bits inbetween. From here head to Nabiac pub for lunch then to check out the motorcycle museum.

    Heading back via Wootton way of course and then back via old pac to Berowra. I have never ridden this before but estimate to be back by 5-6pm.
    Can't get the frickin google map to link properly but will try later.


  2. I might be up for it, I have to get the bike serviced next week (20k) though.
  3. My bike has been serviced (I had to re-adjust the chain though :() and my wallet lightened appropriately :cry:

    Are we still on for Friday?
  4. Gonna postpone this, looks like it's gonna fukn rain all day. Sent you a pm Blasie
  5. Pm'ed back.