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[EOI] - Freeze our ass off winter ride ? . . . Tarana Pub !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, May 21, 2006.

  1. Who is up for it ?

    Planned for the Saturday on the June long weekend ( . . . what ever date it is). Good to test out the thermals and neck warmers for a ride out west to Tarana Pub for a log fire counter lunch. From memory they have Tyrannosaurus-Rex hind leg sized steaks served there. :eek:

    Say we meet at MacGraths Hill Maccas.
    Then through Richmond and Kurrajong on Bells Line.
    Down Mt Sinai to Lithgow
    Through Lithgow then onto Rydal Rd (Shell servo corner)
    Pass Lake Lyell then the twisty bits to Tarana.

    . . . ride back via Bells Line or Great Western Hwy.
  2. I'd be up for it but not on the long weekend. I'll be away and also it'll be double demerits :shock:
    What about the week after?
  3. yup.

    Anytime around when winter sets in around the region, but not when its snowing, that happens later around July/Aug.

    The route can be modified also to go through Hartley and Jenolan Caves.
  4. Saturday 17th June ?

    It will be my first group ride unrestricted ! :wink:
  5. Depending on where my boy is playing footy I'll meet you guys there.

    Thermals would be the order of the day as it's been freezing out here.
  6. Thats a good idea, we can meet other Netriders from the Western Plains !! :grin:

    There is a guy in Orange selling a black Cagiva Raptor 650. (saw it on Bikesales.com.au)
    I wanna check out this bike, I hope he still has it and is on this forum.
  7. At this stage, as you all know, Saturday's are no good for me either, because of my boy's footy..... Now if you were to move it to a Sunday......? Can't blam eme for trying.....

    Cheers All.....

    BTW, Mick, when's your test? Good luck with it, and I'll be bugging you for info and some pointers....

  8. Next sunday !

    I spent the best part of yesterday afternoon at Quakers Hill practicing on the course there. I should go okay, my technique on the U-turn bay is to go full-lock on the VTR and ride the clutch ! :grin:

    If people want to practice at Quakers Hill, I have hidden some plastic markers in the long grass you can use as witches-hats. :grin: - they work pretty well !
  9. June long weekend too tricky, missus due on the 10th, have to watch the date, are you aiming for the 17th now. Might do the same as bubba, depending on the bubby and meet you there, be good to meet some more people. Great steaks, excellent burgers, and a pretty ride. Good luck if I don't see you.
  10. I'm OK for the 17th, the boy has a home game.
  11. PM'd Micky today, looks like it's set for Sunday 18th June to let the folks who find Saturdays difficult to get away. Come on Gypsy!!
  12. I'm prepared to freeze my nuts off (if the weather outside is anything to go by) come the 18th.... I'm in....
  13. Ok you win, I won't wear the Ixon..ya big Jessie :p
  14. It was -4deg C at Bathurst this morning ! :eek:

    Can't wait !!
  15. And there was a cracking frost as well.

    Last week riding to work in about -2 or -3 degrees, I got stuck behind some clown who decided to clean the frost off his windsheild by using his washers and also giving me a shower in the process. :evil:

    I wont be able to make the 18th :cry: , have a good ride.
  16. Sure was, but the good news is by 9.00 I was outside in a T shirt enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Frosts are OK as long a the fog doesn't ruin it. Just look out for shiny black patches on the road if your real early.