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EOI dual sport adventure ride VIC

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Stookie, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. I get out into the bush tracks alot on my DR 650 and I'm looking for some interest from anyone keen to tag along. It will be mostly trails and nothing serious that would require Dakar type skills.
    I'm available most weekends and some company would be good.
    I head out noojee, neerim, matlock, woods point and often for camping overnighters.

    Let me know if your keen and we get some dual sport rides going

    Stookie :)

  2. I'm keen, just gotta get me some dual sport rubber
  3. Another DR rider here who may be interested... I work about 50% of weekends though :(
  4. Thats exactly the kind of riding I want to do.

    Just need to get a dual sport bike first
  5. I will be heading out at end of oct do will post something up soon.
    Heading out to an abandoned town today :) will map it for another ride if it a good ride
  6. Yeah im up for it, i'd have to put my bike on the back of a car though
  7. Ok so my ride today was good. Nothing to hard but not boring in any way. Nice track out the back of Thompson dam.
    I will organise this ride for Sunday 30th of October.
    This won't be a dirtbike ride as you will need a fuel range of 250km , knobbies and a bike that's full rego not Rec reg.

    Please post up your name and we will get it happening
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  8. Nightshift on the 29th, count me as a maybe depending on how busy it is at work...
  9. Well my tank is too small and barr lotto win or cheap ebay score there's no way I'm going to be able to afford an IMS by the 30th, have fun
  10. So all of you guys are happy to go out in the Bush/woods with a mad scot?

    Stookie, since when did you become sociable? Has Bam trained you to play nice?
  11. my bike only has rec reg so im out.
  12. TBQH I don't think I can think of anything more fun than going out in the bush/woods on motorcycles with a mad scot.
  13. It's the only way to travel. 
    I have 8 litre tank on the back ofmy bike too so if you really want to come and ain't gonna pull out last minute then I can be the tanker ;)

    If you have Rec reg then I guess you could trAiler the bike to the start point and we can do a big loop !

    Let me know who is keen and we work something out.
  14. I'm off the smokes cam and I've not assaulted anyone for 4 month now.
    I am trying to make friends and get out and socialize more.
    I'm trying really hard 
  15. if we're riding in hard packed dirt/rocks then I'm sure my road tyres won't be too shit (have ridden them on this terrain before and they're not too bad), I'll be in. but any significant mud and it's a no go for me unless I can score some dual sport tyres
  16. You may need to score some tyres
    There will be a mix of terrain depending on the bikes coming and your fuel range
  17. I'd love to come on a decent trail ride, I haven't ridden my zed in months.
  18. I'm aiming for the sat-sun 29-30th of October so if you can post up if your coming and your model of bike, rego status then I can organise the route, meet point, distance ect.
    This is a duel sport bike ride not a dirt bike ride so it won't be mud bogs and single tracks.

    Cheers 
  19. can I come?? 1200GS or 800GS!!
  20. Bring the 800 although I'd love to see the 1200 do the same route it would be unkind and unwise but it's your call it all comes down to the rider really.