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EOI; DirtBiking Weekend

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MattyB, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Inspired by photos of Loz's dirtbiking adventure, and my want for riding dirt bikes,
    I was wondering if anyone had some info on places that hire out dirt bikes for groups and run them through some fun bits of country.

    I was thinking, once my finances clear up again, I want to organise a bunch of us to all take a weekend trip out bush for a day or two of riding bush, I obviously can't think of any better bunch of people to go with (suck!).

    who's up for it, and who has any info about what to do and how to do it, haha

  2. that it would
  3. Ohhhhhh no Matty, if you and I get involved in this together it'll never happen :LOL:

    /got a bike yet?
  4. it'll happen *nods* :D

    everyone can mull over it and express their interest at the moment, and in 2 months or so, i'll speak to some higher powers through loz and see if we can make it associated with NR in a more official way, and speak to whoever we rent from and have a crack at some discounts.

    would be a hell of a weekend eh? :D
  5. I'm up for something like that... was just thinking about getting my dirt'y rego'd, or at least rec-reg...
  6. Pick me, pick me. I'll come for a rip. Just name the time & place. I'm always keen to try & hurt myself -again :)
  7. I'd be up for it, if I could make it.
  8. I would like play too please... have a good amount of gear happy to go sweep etc.. have a few tools, tyre chaange/repair gear for this sort of gig.. on the hire side ringwood yamaha, not sure the name have loads and loads of bikes, best price for goup free trail etc from what i have heard..
    would be great to have a NR deal there, interstate crew can swing down and do the high coutry, i belive there is a bit of a hire net work thing, order in melb and pick up in Mansfield..
    bring it on... an arvo bush coffee gathering....
  9. +1

    I would love to get up there, looks great on the website, gotta go in the snow though :wink: oh I made a rime :LOL:
  10. Ooooh yea, Keep me up to date too please.

    Only takes 40 minutes (apparently) to change my wheels.


  11. You will all return bent and mangled wishing you were dead.


    I would actually be somewhat keen on this as dirt biking is the most fun you can have with your pants on.
  12. It won't be a cheap undertaking. To hire bike and gear for a weekend, you'll need a large deposit and the best part of $500. Then add more if you're doing a guided tour. Which given lack of experience would be almost essential if you don't want to get stuck or lost and die.
  13. like others would interested, just depends when and how much.
  14. Yeah Baby :grin: I have wanted to do this for years, so I am officially expressing my interest :grin: :LOL:
  15. Last time I did a day's worth I walked like John Wayne for a week.

    Two days will be a real balltearer but I'm up fer it.
  16. cost about $80 plus gas to get there and back.
    and included lunch and a comedy show between two riding mates during the feed (had to be there)