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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stanga169, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. getten ready for work when i hear the familiar rumbling, its a sound that brings joy and sometimes tears . i head out on to the deck and see 6-7 bikes heading into monbulk . i hate working weekends

  2. you need to get your priorities in order.
  3. the flipside is (I hope for you) that you get a day off midweek to get out for a ride.. :)
  4. When the PoPo are in their offices doing their paperwork ;)
  5. and you don't have to contend with the fair-weather riders :wink:
  6. mon and tuesdays off , is good cos of less traffic, but would like to have people to ride with sometimes
  7. I feel your pain.

    It's great to have the road to yourself during the week, but the down side is that you've got the road to yourself.

    It's nice to share it sometimes.

    I work very close to Eastern Creek so i hear everyone havin' fun on Track Days, just to add insult to injury.
    Then I do my own head in by goin' up on the roof and watchin 'em come over turn 12.

    Shiftwork definitely sucks.:cry:
  8. finn i hear ya , i live on on an upward bend going into monbulk , they change down , then hit it, on a still night or morning , it echoes thru the valley , i love it , but im always thinking in the back of my mind , u bastards lol
  9. cough cough - sick day
  10. ^^ that's thursday... :D
  11. In some industries, this is termed a 'PRA' - Personal Roster Adjustment (y)
    ...cough, splutter, cough...
  12. - PRA
    - mental health day
    - RDO
    - Flex
    - Sick
    - Rec
    - FACS leave

    I don't care what sort of leave you take or what you call it, its unaustralian not to take one once a year and head out for a good ride.

    Now I have to go and check the forecast and google maps - looks like I'm busy at work.
  13. I work part time, am available for rides during the week,
    Heather and I both ride, she is still a learner, But a quicker ride, she is on the back of my Bird.
    Send me a PM if your interested. What do you ride,
  14. i do alot of lone riding ..its great..i do agree if we have others with us makes it even greater...and im laughing what "fin" said ..i would do the same sit there watch and turn green...
  15. Nah, next friday for the GP!!!
    General Practicioner
    Grand Prix