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Entry level jacket - Brisbane?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Porkbone, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Hi. Would like some advice on bike jackets. I'm in Brisbane so need something for the warm weather here for about 9 months of the year and the stinkin' hot & humid for the other 3.

    I'm getting my first set of riding gear together and people in different bike gear shops I've been to over the last few days have told me different things (read: the exact opposite) from one shop to the next. One says just get a summer jacket it's all you'll need because Touring/ADV ones are too hot, another says a touring jacket because they're middle of the road and you can remove the liner/s if need be, another says an ADV jacket, sports jacket no good in anything except perfect weather. Basically confused the hell outta me in just a day.

    If it helps to know what type of riding, I'll be mostly on bitumen just learning how to ride and getting on some dirt as soon as I feel up to it. (nothing extreme, just dirt roads, not hill climbs up tracks with ruts 2 feet deep and 3 feet wide)

    Starting to think get a cheap summer jacket of some type for now and then a more long distance/more weather-proof one when I can ride better......

    Cheers for any advice
  2. If your on a budget just get the summer one. Look for a jacket that's full mesh on as much of the front area as possible and on the inner arms to get the wind to cool u down. If u happen to be cold in winter riding at night for example u could just put a jumper on underneath. Over summer your gonna be hot in traffic no matter what jacket u wear.
  3. I would get a sub $200 maybe dririder jacket that has the wet weather and thermal liners. I wear mine in summer without issue, and keeps me warm with all liners in during Winter commuting every day.

    I'm personally wary of mesh jackets after seeing numerous thread with people missing bits and pieces falling off with reputable brand mesh jackets.
  4. I got this one:
    RST Ventilator 4
    RST Ventilator 4 Jacket - Silver [RSJT1285190+SI] - $299.95 : AMA Warehouse, Motorcycle & Motocross Accessories - Gold Coast - Brisbane - yatala - Caboolture, Queensland
    I paid $250 at PS in Melbourne on a trip down there, but I was buying a lot of gear so got a good discount. Don't pay any more for it.
    A mini review of my experience so far...
    It has back, arm and shoulder armor, plenty of mesh, and comes with waterproof AND thermal liners. I've never used/needed the liners. Two external pockets, one large internal, and one very handy one just behind the zipper - ideal for the phone. The back protector feels like a plank when you first put it on, but after a few minutes it softens up a bit and you don't even notice it. It doesn't interfere with your helmet when your laying on the tank either. Washes well.
    In Brisbane traffic - hot. No getting around that. Fortunately Brisbane's idea of traffic is nothing like the Monash Car Park in Melbourne. Once you get above 40kmh the air starts flowing. I've found that wearing proper sporting tops with wicking material helps - cotton T-shirts will poach you in traffic. On days like today (33C) expect to need a shower after your ride in traffic.
    On the road in ~32C - not bad. Even better at lower temps.
    Unexpected rain shower - even without the liner I was still warm and reasonably dry (well, not dripping wet anyway). The internal pockets should keep your phone dry in an occasional shower.
    Haven't used it in the bone-chilling depths of Brisbane winter but I still don't anticipate needing any liners. I got the lighter colour in an attempt to reflect some of the heat away.
    Zips onto the matching strides.
    Happy with it so far.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Any mid range jacket, good time to buy last years stock on sale as well.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Food for thought and that RST jacket has all 5 star reviews on some places I just checked.......
  7. Get a summer jacket, either mesh or perforated leather. Easy enough to get something windproof to wear under it. Don't buy cheap unless you are sure you will never fall off.
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  8. I've got a mesh dririder jacket in the cardboard that has the thermal and wet inserts was fine for riding around Brisbane in summer time adding the thermal liner makes a big difference in winter I was riding to work at 5am and was warm enough with only having my workshirt underneath havn't ever used the wet weather liner though.
  9. 100% certain I will fall off at some point. Been on a bike 5 times in my life and crashed into something 3 times.....
    Arc87 what type/name of dririder jacket?
  10. Jeez mate, that's a crap ratio! Hope you're going to improve.... ;)
  11. Pretty sure its a dririder climate control 3
  12. After having one for 6 years now, I think the Dririder Climate Control is almost ideal for SEQ "climate".

    Insert or remove the liners as needed. I have never tested the crashworthiness of them, thankfully,
    but they do have a pretty good reputation. A pretty safe bet as they say. My 2c anyway.
  13. Most of the mesh gear is crap in a spill.
    Whatever you get, stick with a reputable brand, look for removable PU (rubbery) protectors and make sure they fit snugly against the bits they're supposed to protect. A lot of fabric gear can have a loose fit so it's well worth checking that. There should be a little booklet on the hangtags that authenticates the CE approval of the armour.

    If you plan on going hard in the twisties, you'll really be wanting some leathers at one point (the more you spend, the better they get).