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Entire House Contents For Sale

Discussion in 'Archived' started by pug, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. I have a friend who moved to Canada in 2006. She put everything in her house into storage.
    She is coming out here for the World Masters next month. She wants to sell everything while she is here.
    So far she has told me she has a lounge (converts into bed), tv, home theatre (LG), computer, vacuum cleaner, kitchen ware (wok, rice cooker, toaster, sandwich maker (I think!) crockery, cutlery and utensils and lots of other miscellaneous furniture and household items such as tables and filing cabinets. She wants $1000.
    Being a fromer primary school teacher, she wants to sell all her school stuff for $500 as well.
    The sale will have to be cash and everything will be have to be picked up from Girraween during the week of October 10 to October 18.
    I will post more details as I get them from her.
    If you are interested either post here or PM me. I will pass on your questions to her.
    I have a feeling there are massive bargains to be had here - especially for anyone moving out of home or a professional ebayer.

  2. so where'd you actually knock it all off from? ;)
  3. That's pretty funny actually. :LOL: No...this is legit.
  4. Fixed ;)
  5. Yeah, the school stuff isn't likely of interest to anyone here but the other stuff might.
  6. wsh you were in melbourne :(
  7. Here's some more info about the school stuff:
    "I have been teaching for 17 years so I have a ton of stuff that relates to as low as grade 2 and as high as year 6. There is everything from Maths, Science, HSIE, Art etc. I have activity books (with photocopiable worksheets) reading books, some planning books and even a few text books too. I have tons of stickers and stamps as you know.
    You are looking at about 1 - 1 1/2 6ft bookshelves full of books!"

    No more information on the furniture and appliances as yet.
  8. She will need to supply receipts as a fellow teacher would not want to purchase work related stuff without one as any purchase for work would be a tax deduction.
  9. Well I wouldn't hold your breath...and funnily enough, I've had more interest in the teaching materials than the other stuff!
  10. Anthony, if she dosnt sell the school stuff at the end of her stay, shoot me a pm
  11. Not so funny actually... there are surprisingly quite a few teachers around that you don't really hear about! :p A little bit off topic, but did she move overseas to teach!? If so, i may be interested in some info if you could or a contact for my girlfriend as she is just about to come out of her time and wants to consider teaching internationally.

    As for all that info, $500 is probably a relatively small price to pay for good resources, especially that much! Don't know if you've been to any book stores recently, but they aint bloody cheap!

    BUMP for this post!
  12. My school supplies most materials I will ever need.
  13. So when you say this, what exactly is one getting for their 1000?

    I'm moving out of home shortly... So incidentally, I happen to need a house full of furniture.
  14. I think he means you get the lot with miscelaneous surprises, sounds pretty damn cheap, wish I Needed it all :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.