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entertaining and informative...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by SevenSins, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Netrider forums kept coming up in a lot of Google searches I have done over the past year or so, so I thought I would sign up and have a good look around. I'm on another forum, with a different name but that forum is much smaller and a lot of people know each other personally so on this Australia wide forum I thought I would go incognito...there's some weirdos out there in this big wide world... and I just so happen to work with them :cheeky:

    Anyway I currently have a fun, fun, fun Honda CB400 and in a couple of short weeks I'll be getting my hands on the gorgeous Suzuki GSR 750...can't wait. I have an Ixil pipe waiting to be fitted and have ordered a few bits and pieces of aftermarket bling...

    So other than that I will continue to read and keep myself entertained and hopefully learn a thing or two...cause you can never know everything about anything now can you?? :D

  2. welcome to NR sevensins, you in nsw, vic, qld? have a read around here, search may help you find specific stuff you may be lookin for : ) steppin up from th cb400 to gsxr750? not a bad leap : ) enjoy n stay safe
  3. Hi, I'm in NSW (I may just be very near the ACT as well)... EEK drop the X, I'm stepping up to the GSR, not the gixxer sports... I prefer the naked bikes for now, suits me better, daily commuting, weekend spins and the occasional overnighter...

    So far I have been reading a few posts with some VERY different opinions, interesting....
  4. this is a great site for 'opinions', was gonna say go to Homebush for sat morn prac sessions and meet some of the people there but sounds that MIGHT be a tad far for you, we have a member who also supplies saftey gear that lives in ACT, takamii is a good contact to know.
  5. Practice for what?

    I've heard of Takamii and his lightcycle... love the bling...
  6. usually a meeting point helping leaners then organised rides.
    Tak's bike bling looks the part doesnt it..
    d'you hie write up when he tested the kevlar jeans he sells by having a stack? do a search..
  7. welcome to Netrider, we have much for which to thank the omnipresent Google.....