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Enrol to vote today.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bangalla, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. If you're not enrolled to vote you have until 8pm Wednesday to get your application to an electoral office.

    Post probably won't make it in time so you'll need to drop the form off to an AEC office or fax it to them.

    Get all of the details here.
  2. Great, six weeks of pollies spending all of our money, spewing more sh*t to try to buy a vote that's already been decided on. :mad: :mad:
  3. Actually, i think that after they call the elections, they can only have ads paid by the parties, so no more "information" campaign from the government.
    I've read that they will allow more ads per hour for the elections to fit in the parties ads. We might need to dump the tv for a month..
  4. I've been betting on November 24th as the date for some time now but I am surprised that we're going to see a six week formal campaign. Even for a political junkie like me it's going to be exhausting.
  5. Okay, let me rephrase that...

    Great, six weeks of pollies spewing more sh*t to try to buy a vote that's already been decided on. :mad: :mad:
  6. It will be hell. They already have bombarded us the last months, wait to see this one!!

    But, may i say, there is a reason. Apparently, although you and i have made our minds, about 20% or something , don't give a frak and will just do a heads and tails the last day. And as the elections were close the last 3-4 times, the parties will fight to death for that 20% who don't care.
    That's why some think that voting should not be compulsory, so that 20% that don't care won't vote and the parties will focus on /start listening to/ please/ etc those who care and are more informed ....
  7. When I turned 18, I didn't have a clue about politics, so I'd just look up the paper and vote for the cutest Independent chick. :grin:

    Damn those 20%!! :p
  8. well i am glad it's only 6 weeks.....means it's here and over quicker :LOL:
  9. Agree. To be talking to my local opposition member to get his local issues he will be running for, about 2 months ago, and have a woman come up with a shocked look on her face asking "Is the election on today?"... We gave each other the same look...

    To quote Kent Brockman "I've said it before, people; Democracy doesn't work"
  10. thanks i needed to update my enrolement form :oops:
  11. Minimum time for a Federal election campaign is 33 days after writs are issued. 6 weeks is the longest campaign for a while.
  12. Bring it on I say because I work for a company that prints A LOT of Liberal flyers and stuff, I stand to make a bucketload out of paid OT. New bike here I come!! :grin:
  13. So what's the penalty for not ever enrolling to vote??

    I've been kicking myself for enrolling since I did back in 1983.

    I live in a extremely safe Labor seat so even thinking about some form of protest vote is a waste of time so I usually add an extra box on the bottom with "None of the Above" and tick that or just get my name crossed off the list and leave without even taking ballot papers off the electrol officer. Same with local council elections.

    After all, no matter who you vote for a politician always wins anyway :LOL:
  14. i think it is $20.!!! less than a parking fine..
  15. $50.00 actually
  16. Enrol to vote?

    I think thats on my "To do list"........ Somewhere down near the bottom.
  17. yea, i thought it was 50 too, but then i read somewhere that it is 20 and if you do go to courts for it it becomes 50..
    Anyway, whatever it is it's a joke. Whether it is compulsory and it is linked with your drivers license/passport etc or it is not..

    Ms Supernego was not enrolled, until one day she complaint about the tax she had to pay. I told her if you want to whinge, you need first to enter the playfield by voting in the elections... She did, and now she whines that nothing changed: she still has to pay that tax. :shock:
  18. I enrolled when I turned 18, voted once, gotten taken off the role because I wouldn't update my details.
    Never re enrolled, can't be bothered, I can't be stuffed going and waisting my time voting for people who lie cheat and steal to line there own pockets.

    I know people get pissy at me because I refuse to enroll, I couldn't care less, I've got better things to do.
  19. I've got no problem with people who don't vote...

    ...so long as they don't biatch about the government. :wink:
  20. +1
    You wanna biatch?you gotta vote!! :LOL: