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Enquiry - Megelli 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by thermo87, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    Wondering if anyone has some info or feedback on Megelli 250r Sport 2010:busting:

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    hello thermo ya rude b
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    Don't do it
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    thermo, people here get very pissy if you don't introduce yourself before asking for advice
  7. It looks like a great bike, but its completely shit

    if you only care about the looks and not your life i say go for it :D
  8. I think they're beautiful, but I've seen a review on YouTube where they almost crashed it for lack of cornering clearance. From what I can tell the running gear doesn't live up to the racy looks.

    I suggest test riding one on the same day as, say, an Aprilia RS-125. I'd bet you a pint you'd prefer the Aprilia.
  9. They look great, the tacho does a cool spin up when you turn the key.

    They sound like a lawnmower, and from what I hear they ride more like a scooter than a sports bike. Very pretty bike but I'd give them a miss.
  10. shittest bike since the ninja 250R. i saw someone with one at uni, it sounded like a ride on mower, i openly laughed in his face and told him his bike was shit.
  11. Way to make friends there.
  12. It's not what you ride but that you ride - instead of being a dick why don't you talk to him about bikes, find out what he wants to upgrade to, what he's ridden before.
    As for the sound - I actually think they sound quite nice. But then I am biased because I like the sound of single cylinder 4 strokes.
  13. My friend just bought one, aside from having no power, and feeling kinda plasticy, it's not bad. Considering the price he paid for it, he's quite happy
  14. Why be an asshole for no reason?

    They are a good looking bike, they don't have a track record of being unreliable, they are cheap, and I'm sure it will be enough bike for any newbie to learn on. Yeah there are better bikes out there but so what. He bought the bike for him not for you.
  15. I'd avoid it. Reviews say that the kickstand begins to sc**** the ground on some lean, which could easily lever your rear off the ground, which can't end well. Pretty significant design/production flaw if you ask me. Other than that they say it's a fairly solid bike as far as Chinese bikes go. If you want a better fit & finish, and reliability, and still that sporty look, consider the Ninja 250R (08 onwwards) or CBR250R (new model this year) if you're budget is within their price range. (y)

    And while I know I'm biased, the Ninja 250R is a great starter bike. It looks great too. It was actually mistaken for a 750 by another rider the other day when looking side on...:biker:
  16. +1 Mikey....well said.

    Also +1 for the Ninja250R - I've never owned one but I've ridden the 2010 model and its a fantastic little bike. As Mikey mentioned, its stance is quite a bit larger for 250.

    Incidentally a work colleague is selling a 2008 Ninja250R with ~16,000k on the clock. PM if interested.
  17. At uni? That sort of behaviour's more suited to primary school.
  18. There's a review in one of the latest Aussie mags comparing learner bikes that includes this.

    In essence it read like "decent bike for the money but quality was down compared to opposition" and that the "bike felt like it had quite racy geometry and felt a bit skittish"

    Not actual quotes, just what I can remember.

    They compared it to the ninja, ducati 659, cbr125 (not 250) ... very eclectic mix and not really a comparison, more like "here's some bikes learners might want"
  19. if this was out when i was a learner i would have bought it... undertail exhaust?! YES PLEASE. looks hot.

    never ridden one though... as long as they're cheap then... though that sidestand sounds like a bit of a problem... might be worth modding that.

    as for the sound, easy, get a different exhaust on it.
  20. Some of the best bikes sound and smell like lawnmowers......................I should know, I ride one such bike :p....................

    Its a learner bike, im sure a typical learner wont be exploring the limits of the bikes handling abilities.............

    Most learners wont be holding on to it for long anyway so reliability wont be too much of an issue................

    I would look for resale and general enjoyment as the most important things...................