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Enjoying Legal Filtering

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Sep 16, 2015.

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    So, a month or two after it was legalised in Queensland, I filter as and when it seems appropriate on my commutes.

    I prefer going through the middle than up the left, though I know a lot of people are the other way around.

    Law is 30 km/h max and I see a lot of people going a lot quicker than that. I don't judge 'em, but I also won't judge the cops if they pull 'em over. Use the new freedoms, if you decide to bend the rules you man up and take the consequences.

    (I'm consistent - when I used to filter and split when it was illegal I considered the odd fine the cost of doing business.)

    This is not my point, though: just wanted to note that I'm enjoying it. I think the attitudes of the drivers haven't changed all that much. About the same amount close the gap on me, and open it, as before. Most of those who close the gap turn out to be texting rather than intentionally malicious on closer inspection.

    Interested to hear others' experiences of legalisation.

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  2. I would put very little of my filtering in NSW in the category of legalized filtering. So legally nothing much has changed for me I'm still breaking the law, still doubt I'll get caught. Though the"splitting" fine is significantly greater than what it would have been before.
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    I've had good experiences with it so far in QLD. Although I don't commute on the freeway, I've found the "up to 30kph shoulder filter" about as useful as tits on a bull, as the freeway traffic's usually doing 30+ even in heavy conditions. But for my normal commute lane filtering is fantastic - straight to the front for every set of lights except one where the timing just never works for filtering.

    Haven't had anyone move to block me (yet?) since it came in. Haven't really seen anyone move laterally to make room for me either. Haven't had anyone "race" me into the empty space in front - so far everyone's opened a space for me to slot back into even in very heavy traffic. So yeah, all good so far. Now I just need a narrower bike and narrower bars. ;)
  4. I've had a few people mouth off at me, but no one try and close a gap on me. It just wouldn't be in their best interest.

    Shoulder filtering is handy on the Centenary Hwy heading out.

    Has anyone watched Baron VonGrumble filter in his videos? It's so interesting I can watch him filter around London for hours.
  5. I must say the experience in NSW has been uniformly good, the only issues I've had is when another rider tries to race you to available gap :LOL:.
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  6. I've had no problems filtering in QLD. I don't take every single advantage I can, being on a little cruiser it is both not as narrow as it sometimes needs to be, and I'm too relaxed and enjoying the ride to care. But the usual sets of lights on my commute that I do roll up to the front, it is great. No problems with drivers so far. I think it works well.
  7. Sadly there aren't many opportunities to filter around here, but on the odd occasion I have I'd say roughly 50% of the time drivers get visibly annoyed by it, in some cases to the point of trying to block me, the rest of the time I don't think anyone actually cares.
  8. That's been my experience as well, other than nearly running over the odd pedestrian who decides to cross the road through the stopped cars instead of using the actual crossing less than 10m away.
  9. what's illegal about it? too fast? side of cars rather than in between?

    as a noob, I've only had good experiences filtering so far (NSW)...
    feel weird about going to front when all 3 lanes turn one direction at T intersection (a bit sharp turn to get away quick if car also guns it), but going straight all good... :)

  10. My commute trip has cars averaging 20-40 km/h for most of the way. Sticking to 30 doesnt work.
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  11. Yeah I know what you mean. I commute up the Ipswich motorway into the city every day and it's very hard, almost impossible to stay under 30kmh when filtering. As we all know, the gaps in between cars in slow moving traffic is where it's most dangerous, so I'll skip through the gaps quicker.

    I think if the speed limit for highway filtering was 40kmh, I'd be satisfied.
  12. 30.... ish.... :)
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  13. So long as the cars are parallel to one another, go for your life (figure of speech, obviously)
  14. I Am loving it though I don't filter every time. But when the traffic is banking up its great. I've only had one wally wanted to try and make me uncomfortable and try to sit on my arse. but I can do 80Km/hr in first, and he couldn't so he was soon left behind :)

    Occasionally there's been too small a gap halfway down and I have to stop before the front, but I figure I'm safer there than at the back of the line and people have sometimes moved over.. Theres always been enough space to get back in the lane so far anyway..
    So its working for me
  15. I've had mixed experiences in Sydney city traffic. Some people are very considerate and actually move over a bit when things are a little tight. Some people are absolute dicks. Ive had a lot of people actually turn in to block me so I don't get past them. Pedestrians crossing in between traffic and simply J walking without looking have nearly caused accidents for me a number of times. I've ridden in most cities on the east coast and Sydney is by far the most hostile and dangerous for motorcyclists. My humble opinion.
  16. If you see this early enough, then you can jump across and use the gap they've just created on the other side.
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  17. Yep!

    I love the look of chagrin on their faces in my mirror as I wave goodbye!
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  18. This is a really useful thread for us Victorians as we near the implementation of legal filtering down here.

    Just as an aside, I've been given a bit of an insight into the bureaucratic processes trying to work up the set of regs that will allow us to do what we already do... wow, it's opened my eyes about how hard and complicated it is to codify in law what we already do now. Kudos to those in the Vic authorities that are moving mountains to make this happen.
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  19. oops...

    dashcam catches crash... bike filtering between stopped traffic was P plater, and the car was turning across the stopped traffic into side road.
    surely P-plater is at fault because not legally allowed to?

    but a good reminder to look ahead while filtering, and that if there is a gap ahead of stopped cars.. there's probably a reason :p

  20. can you see the bike here? :D

    watching vid closely, looks like bike was in left lane, then thought "bugger it".. but should have been able to stop in time.. can stop in about 3m or so from 30k's
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