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Enjoy your new GPS unit, thieving little %%%%

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chicken78, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. To the little turd that decided to swipe my BRAND NEW gps that I purchased, after years of friendship with my trusty melways and vowing Id never buy a GPS, also after Day 3 of our annual trade show, and into my 13th hour of being on the go yesterday, and all whilst Im downing bottles of cough medication and any other crap I can find to suppress this %%%% cough AND after moving my work car just a little closer to the door so I didnt have to trudge 400m with heavy gear. YOU decide that is ample time and prime oppurtunity to raid my car.. :sigh: remember sunshine "Karma is a biatch, never piss her off!"

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I need a beer after these last 4 days...

    PS Rant over](*,)

  2. I know the feeling.

    Im now using a phone as a GPS as a result since its always with me.......................
  3. asswipe.
  4. im reemploying Mel Ways!
  5. Damn! I hate it when these things happen.

    K, I'm sure you will agree with me when I say that F**** deserves a kick in the balls with you wearing your motorbike boots.

    ...and then a puch on the nose with those gloves as well.
  6. Yes, yes, thieves are scumbags...
    But, you left a brand-new GPS in your car?!
    Why did you think it would be there when you got back?
  7. I was ten metres from the car, with about 12 people, plus security in a secure compound....well clearly not
  8. Was the window smashed in, or the car left unlocked?
  9. Katie, Aldi have cheapos for $79, glad to bring down to show you on sat if you like.
    Those people look out for sucktion cup marks on screen and pop a back window or something like that for a quick search 'usually under visor, under drivers seat, then glove box lastly centre console [from flemington police report about how bad it was at airport west shopping centre and highpoint] abuot 12 months ago!!
    lemme know and I am happy to bring it down if you wanna check it out.
  10. Best thing I bought the missus was an air-vent mount for her TomTom - no suction cup marks on the 'screen, and even when she's using it, it's mounted below the top of the dashboard...
    (OK, so that's not exactly the best thing I've bought her ;))
  11. The GPS is still working but I need the charger.... and the handbook too please.
  12. Car was open while it was being loaded so the %%%%% were real quick considering the number of people there..
    All of our industry which are atrustworthy lot.. but shit happens my fault at the end of the day
  13. You're being a bit hard on yourself there chook. On the weekend my neighbour was mowing the lawns. While she was distracted a scrotal reject went through the gate, into the house through the back door, and kept an eye on her from inside while he robbed her house.

    She was being pretty hard on herself too. What is she supposed to do? Lock the frikkin door to mow the lawns? 3rd time she's been robbed in 7 years the poor love. The good news is they'll catch this one because he's a moron.

    Oh, and the knock on the door by the cops didn't go well, because I think I looked guilty. Phew.

    Hold you to that :beer:
  14. ;)

    Hope they catch the little turd that broke in, so unfair