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English rider moving to Aus... What are the differences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TheSalamander, May 16, 2006.

  1. Hi there,

    My first post so hello all. :p I am emigrating to Australia (Sydney) in July so looks like yet more poms on the way! The good news though is that I am a biker. I'll be selling my current bike Triumph Daytona 650 and will be going for either the GSX-R750 or Daytona 675 when I arrive.

    Anyway I've had a look through the forum to try and get to grips with what the differences are in NSW compared to the UK, however I am not sure if I have picked it all up..

    So if there are any ex-UK bikers out there, or anyone that knows or can answer my questions.. please help...

    0. Any general differences between UK and NSW?

    1. Bus Lanes.. My understanding is that we can use bus lanes unless they say "buses only"

    2. Parking.. My understanding is that we shouldn't park on pavements, we should only use designated bike and car spaces

    3. Tolls.. Unless stated bikes need to pay the bridge/road/tunnel tolls. Some people are registering their car and then getting the vehicle switched to be their bike. Some of the toll machines don't always catch the bike so you can get free journeys..

    4. Filtering - I think you guys and gals call it splitting ? Not sure if this is legal or not...

    5. Gear - helmet mandatory.. rest is optional, although personal view is that riding without full gear is asking for skin grafts and blood transfusions!

    6. Refueling bike - In the Uk some places are now forcing you to get off the bike and remove your helmet!!! Is this happening in NSW?

    7. Pillions - My understanding is that so long as your have a full license and have been riding for a year you can take pillions. They need to have appropriate gear and be able to reach the footpegs.

    8. Bikes - My understanding is that so long as you have a full license and have been riding for a year you can ride any size bike.. P plates are required for the first year and engine power restrictions apply otherwise.


  2. Welcome to the Penal Colony, how nice that you have been transported here!! And welcome to Netrider, the friendliest forum in the world :grin:

    I'll leave it to other ex-UK riders to answer most of these, but

    6. Refueling bike - In the Uk some places are now forcing you to get off the bike and remove your helmet!!! Is this happening in NSW?

    is definitely in practice here, as is removing your helmet when you go inside to pay...
  3. Pretty much got it all spot on there I think, I'm English too (Giz a shout when you get to Sydney).

    Refuelling, yeah you usually have to get off the bike and take your helmet off. Though i'd do that anyway, don't want anything wayard happening if you get spillage onto a hot engine...etc...I.e being able to leg it quicker :p

    Filtering is legal, but some still get arsey about you doing it. Bus lanes, yer pretty much. Seems you've got your head round it already. Oh, but Sydneys roads are the worst I've ever seen (Unless you lived in Coventry..)
  4. You might want to search the forum and check out some of the many threads on lane splitting/filtering, and the legality or illegality thereof!

    One other difference between the UK and Oz (as you may have picked up already) is the rather punitive approach to the enforcement of speed limits. If you're used to cruising down motorways past police cars at 20+ mph above the posted limit, you might want to rethink things when you get here...

    Oh - and welcome to Netrider! :grin:
  5. After reading Ride magazine from the UK, I became aware that the Gatso was an Australian invention.
  6. Speed cameras all over the place. Marked in NSW. Red light cameras. Tinted visors are legal.

    Yep. That's correct.

    Can't legall park in pavements. There are bike only spaces around the place. If you park in a car space, you need to get a ticket or you'll get fined. Or you might get fined anway, and have to go through the rigmarole of getting out of it.

    Yep, exactly right. Except for the Cross City Tunnel which charges an admin fee.

    It's illegal. Depending on the cops you'll get booked. If at any sort of speed, you'll get pinged. I've lane split past cop cars at lights a few times, with no hassles.

    Helmet mandatory, and even worse, it needs to have an Australian Design Test sticker on it. The liklihood of you getting pinged for not having the sticker is almost non-existent though.


    Just a helmet, yep.

  7. Its not all ways cold and the sun comes out...
  8. Compared to Uk riders, NSW riders are much better disciplined in obeying the law.
    Law of the Jungle. :LOL:

    Anyway welcome and enjoy the forum.
  9. Our Women are better looking.....Ok i know this is a very male, shallow thing to say but he has covered all the riding bases and he IS a motorbike rider after all.
  10. éllo Mucker

    That's wat we wanna see squire...more Brit Ton Up Boys roaring around the place! :LOL:

    Wat part of the old dart you from mate?

    Hyssy old son, we can soon áve a UK riders club hey?

    So long as we don't all áve to ride Trumpets.

    One thing you should know Salamander....no one ére wears a hanky on their bounce when it's hot lad.

    And there ain't no deck chairs to sit on at Sydney beaches.
    But that's compensated for by the fact that lots of lasses don't wear tops.

    Enjoy Netrider sunshine, I'm in Sydney so we can áve a pint when you get here.

    (I should point out I've lived here most of my adult life and to you I will sound like an Aussie. :LOL: )

    Simpson and ROOF helmets: Only one place I know of in Sydney sells Simpsons, no shop has ROOF. Neither helmet is Aussie approved.
    If you have a Sims or Roof and you're bringing it with you, if customs says it's got no Aussie standards sticker tell them it's for race track use only.

    Streetfighters haven't really taken off in Oz, and we don't have anything like the Ace Cafe or American Biker bars, sad but true.
    Few people ride here compared to the UK, you'll see more riders at Box Hill on a Sat morning than a year in Sydney.

    But at least you can ride year round in Sydney.

    Cheers: Jaq.

    PS; Roads in Sydney...think Albania, Serbia, Slovakia etc, standards about the same.
  11. In advanced for july, Welcome to Sydney mate. :)
  12. Thanks everyone for the responses.. Am looking forward to July!

    Another question I just realised I had missed out...

    I have a Shoei XR-1000 helment which has a gold UK safety sticker on it. I am assuming that in Australia you have a different type of sticker that has to be on helments (IIRC I think it is white?)...

    Am I likely to get into trouble with the police for using my UK helmet in Australia???


  13. Yer you need an australian standard sticker...
    If you peel them off other helmets they come off with void, apparently but not all helmets do this...
    I wouldnt worry at all about the police checking this, the odds are very low.
    It is considered not wearing a helmet.
    I wouldnt worry about it, unless I was insured full comp and the insurance company would do anythin to not pay out.
  14. That's good to know :p My gf is not coming along with me so we will be going are separate ways (a shame as she loves bikes!). So without wanting to sound too shallow!!!! Will need to meet someone who loves/likes/owns bikes or someone who is happy to go pillion.... It would also help if she looks good in tight leather :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


  15. Hello there! I can almost understand you :)

    Live along Wiltshire/Gloucestershire border. Gf lives in Bournemouth.. So some great biking routes....

    Was surprised when I visited last year to not see more bikers in the Sydney area... Are track days as popular in Australia as they are in the UK?

  16. Not sure how popular track days are mate, never done one meself.

    I live next to the Royal National Park so like most locals I just use that during the week. :LOL:

    A bloke named Damov who posts ére is keen to do some track work however.

    I do a lot of dirt road touring out in the country, quite a few riders I know are leaning more towards Adventure style bikes now.
    You will enjoy a road bike because all the good bike routes will be new to you, I've ridden every decent tarred bike road around NSW a thousand times, so the novelty of road riding has kind of worn off. In reality there are not actually many tarred roads once you get outside the Sydney area. Only a few main and secondary routes north and south and west.
    But hundreds of dirt roads and forest tracks that wander all over the place, so a few of us have gravitated to off road exploring now.

    Don't worry about the standards sticker on ya helmet mucker, I know blokes ére with Sims and ROOF's and it's not a problem.
    The only ones the cops pick are those mickey mouse helmets some Harley riders wear. :cool:
  17. Not as popular (still can get busy in the warmer half of the year), but nowhere near as expensive.

    The roads here are much more accomodating for fast road riding (well, no paddied-up fens at least), so i guess lots of people get their thrills that way.

    Eastern Creek and Oran park are good uns near to where you'll be, but make sure to ride Phillip Island at least once while you're here, a 675 would be in it's element around there with the long flowing nature of the track.
  18. It's obvious and no one has said it so I have to say it... The Weather!!! You are going to think we are quite softe when you see how we react to cold weather... and then we will think the same of you in summer (probably).

    Though they ARE better than Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City, after having driven a mini bus in both those cities Sydney is actually quite tame, aka just dont make any sudden moves and expect lots of growling and snarling for no reason.

    Can we ask why the move to Australia?

    Sean D
  19. Get yourself a copy of the 'Australia Motorcycle Atlas'.
    It has 100 rides all over Oz and is a great way to get started.
    Make sure you make your way down south. Far too many great roads and race tracks in this neck of the woods.
    Petrol is much cheaper here too ;)
  20. Hi and welcome ,have you got an idea where abouts your going to live in sydney.?

    Come along to one of the meeting night at the pub .
    Meet a few people and find out where and where NOT to buy bikes ,gear ect.