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English motorcycle safety advert

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by CamKawa, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Why the hell don't we have adds like that. Exactly what the levy should be spent on. Rather than the one re; lane changing that makes barely any sence to a rider let alone a moron in a cage.

    Great add. :applause:
  2. We should realy have ad's like that here, those TAC ad's where people are hanging out of cars don't affect me at all but that one was really shocking and would really get the point across.

  3. :applause:

    Great ad :eek:

    ...message too short :roll:
  4. yes definetly agree bring these kind of ads HERE!!

    anyways i guess we can just spread the add to people ourselves.
  5. excellent ad like the above posters said i cant see why we dont have them like that here .... if its good enough for aids advertising then it should be good enough for Motorcycle awareness
  6. Thats two great bike adds from our english friends (the other being the guy that walks down the street knocking people out of the way), what would it take to get these adds shown here ?? I mean if a rider group (*cough* netrider *cough* mra) contacted the brits and asked to use the add here, would they do it ??

    Ads like that stick in the mind of the viewer and the cagers might think of them when next at at intersection.
  8. We did ask permission to use their "perfect day" ad, at the expo/gp etc in 2004, trying to get a TV station to play them is a costly exercise. Unless it's at 2 am on a weekday , between infomercials , trying to get them to show a Community ad for the toyrun is like getting blood from the preverbial
  9. damn that was a good way of getting a message across.
  10. something was bugging me about this add. why the hell was the rider riding on the left side of the lane at a T intersection. this accident may of avoided or less impact if the rider was towards the centre of the lane /street.