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England -> Australia, transportation?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davway, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. ok, this is basically to gather some info for a mate.
    he moved from England to Australia over a year and a half ago but in the process of doing so, he left his Buell back in England.
    he is still in full ownership of the bike and he'd like to bring it over. i told him to sell it as the cost of transportation and fees wouldnt be worth it (most likely) but this is a bike that is somewhat special for various reason so he'd rather not sell it and buy another Buell here. fair enough.
    so, this is where the knowledge of people in the know comes into it.
    what sort of $$$$ would he be looking at to bring his bike over and have it on the road legally here?
    shipping, legals, compliance(???), customs and anything else that could come into the equation.

  2. HI Dave, I looked into a few times goign to UK, under $2k AUs with 3 months insurance etc in the UK< coming this way I am not sure, but check out HOrizons UNlimited, (web forum) they have a sectino for OS bike shipping, quotes, contact details etc.. cheers al
  3. MAte you're looking at a fair bit and a lot of jumping through hoops with the government here,

    this is based on my experience with cars ( charges have been adjusted accordingly)

    Freight and charges payable at the UK end:
    Freight and miscellaneous charges: around US500 - US1000 - not sure
    Marine Insurance: ???

    the fun part is when you get here

    Port service charges and freight forwarder charges: around $1000.00
    Customs Broker Charges: $250
    AQIS Charges including inspections: $200.00
    IF AQIS requires the bike to be cleaned: around $85/hr
    (make sure the bike is spotless)
    Customs inspect (possible though not likely): $100.00
    application to import a vehicle from the Dept. of transport: $120
    and possible an application from the dept of Enviroment: $120
    You may also have to have the vehicle evaluated and pay Customs duty on the value estimated by the assessor (so if you put on the paperwork it cost you $500 etc... they'll assess it and determine the correct market value which you pay the duty on.
    Then you have the compliance inspect and blue slip and rego and insurance etc,etc after it has cleared.

    And you run the risk of it being damaged in transit :cry:

    It is better to do some research and determine exactly as I have never moved bikes, just cars.

    The easy way is to get a Customs BRoker to handle everything and pay a little bit more.

    The freight company in the UK may offer a door to door service (which is again the easiest way) However you will find they will still try and hit you for AQIS charges in Australia). if you go door to door, make sure they specifiy ALL Australian Government charges!!

    But If you want to do most yourself you can save a bit, but as I said... a lot of hoop jumping

    Hope this helps a bit anyway
  4. International Freight Movers

    There is a banner at the top of the page every now and again.
  5. Your biggest issue will be getting compliance for the bike, and you can't get an import approval without evidence of arrangements for compliance, and you can't clear it from the wharf without an approval. Unfortunately it's not as easy as just paying the money to get it here and clear it.

    You might have luck with Buells, check with Dept of Transport and Regional Services - Vehicle Import section to see who the compliance plate holder is (possible HD Australia?). I wouldn't hold my breath though...