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Engineers Part 1

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by cha_chaos, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. If you know an engineer... then you will understand :p

    Two engineers were walking through their Uni campus when one said to the other "Where did you get such a wonderful bike?" the other replied "Well I was walking along the other day, minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode up to me on her bike, stripped off her clothes and said 'Take what you want'"
    The first engineer nodded in agreement "Good choice, the clothes probably wouldn't have fit"

    A pessimist sees the glass half empty
    An optimist sees the glass half full
    An engineer sees the glass twice as big as it needs to be

    An engineer, an artist and an architect are all discussing who they enjoy more, their wifes or their mistresses.
    The architect says "I enjoy my marriage better, building a strong relationship on solid foundations".
    The artist says "I enjoy my mistress more, it is exciting and wild, you never know what will happen next"
    The engineer says "I like them both, both think you are with the other then can get some real work done"
  2. Even funnier when you *are* an engineer.

    Google around for an essay called "Engineers Explained" - it's a good laugh. :grin:
  3. Bit like a statistican......

    Head in the oven.... feet in the freezer.... Overall feeling pretty good
  4. ooo too bad then :( got it out of my local nissan datsun car membership :(
    meh well those are the only good jokes I know so no redeeming
  5. Well i got a good laugh out of them. :LOL:
  6. is this the real joke in the thread? :p
  7. what's wrong with datsun? What's wrong with nissan? r35 is drool material. Actually that goes for all skylines. They have some pretty nice restorations though with the 260z etc.

    Ok back to bikes... I'm sorry :)
  8. Really?
  9. That second one reminds me of a Mitsubishi Sigma...
  10. hahaha I definately wasn't expecting that... I was more talking about the 30+ series... had no idea they went so far back...

    well... the first one is HOT! :p the second one is ok... the logo on the grill makes me drool so that's good enough :LOL:

    edit: can anyone picture 50's and 60's cars in japan??? I thought the whole island came in existence in the mid 80's :LOL:
  11. Haha you've missed a lot then :p Japanese empires, samurai, WWII....lol

    1950 Toyota Corolla:
  12. Given that all the major Japanese manufacturers were producing cars in the 1930s or earlier yes, yes I can.
    Especially this 60's era Japanese car
  13. JD, what is that one? Looks like a veeeeeeeeery early Z?
  14. Would like to add one of those to my garage. Looks like a ferari dino had sex with an E type jaguar. The child was probably a bit malformed in that it's undergrown and only has a 4 cylinder engine :p
  15. It does pre-date the 240Z by a few years but it's actually a Toyota 2000GT. The design is Toyota but much of the technical development, and the construction, was actually done by Yamaha (much like the 90's era SW20 MR2).

    Oh and it actually had a 6-cylinder engine. Was only 2 litres but thanks to Yamaha designing a new double-overhead cam head it was good for 150hp - not too shabby for the 1960s.
  16. I recently saw one of those 2000gt's advertised for 300 grand! Jebus
  17. Not too surprising. The 2000GT cost more when new than an E-type Jag or Porsche 911 and it's now much rarer than either car.

    A cheaper alternative would be a Toyota Sports 800
    One of the first cars to feature a targa roof, which is good since removing the roof is probably the only way most people could fit in one :LOL: (that's the reason why they were never sold outside Japan). Only 800cc but that was still good enough for 45bhp and a top speed of 160kph (and a fuel economy of 45mpg).
    Interestingly there was also a prototype version fitted with a gas turbine coupled to an electric motor (Toyota's first ever hybrid).
    Not bad for 1965, makes most of the current attempts at environmentally friendly/economical cars look kinda pathetic in a way.
  18. And the first Honda cars S360, S500 & S600