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Engineers more likely to become terrorists

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. http://www.eetimes.com/news/latest/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=205920319

  2. And art students are all bong-sucking hippies that never wash.

    Now where do I get me a nice fat Government grant to sit around on my arse for a few years to write that up as a paper.
  3. haha so true
    i got plenty of mate and people i know that fit that disciption so well
  4. I'm lost. How is this related to the forum Jokes and Humour?

    Is there something funny about this that I'm missing? But then, working in an engineering/technical field perhaps it's refering to me...

  5. Yeah, damnit, if y'all could just see it my way, and be rational, we could have this here planet all fixed up in no time! :LOL:
  6. Yes, perhaps i could invent a machine to kill all the idiots :LOL:
  7. well, i thought its funny cos i know people in the field and it wouldnt surprise me if they became terrorists.
  8. Terrorist!

  9. :-k



    I think it's time I went out and detarded the gene pool with a big fark off mofo explosion...

    LMAO. :LOL:

    Ok, so some of us injunears are more conservative than others, but I've found most engineers in my neck of the woods aren't particularly religious - namely because religion fails instantly on many logical test points.

    IMO the article describes a tenuous link and if there is one, it's probably limited to religions which pervade strongly into ones culture and lifestyle, like Islam or cult Christian groups... or mid west redneckdom...
  10. Engineers provide solutions to problems. Engineers are horrible diplomats. Can we see where this is heading?

    +1 with Robsalvv though, religion and logic are chalk and cheese. Perhaps if we were all engineers, then this religious divide wouldn't exist in the first place. [/simplism]
  11. Yeah there are not many engineers that aren't atheists or at least non-practicing.

    Not only that, whilst engineers don't like bullshit, they are pretty much centre in Australia, rather than right. So the article is a crock-o-.

    We do have a destructive streak however. When something breaks every engineer wants to sticky beak.
  12. and all thid time Johnny Howard had me believe Doctors were more likely to be terrorists.
  13. Dunno about terrorism but, as I get older and reflect upon my own personal qualities, I'm disturbed to find that I'd probably make an excellent serial killer :shock: .

    I knew a Creationist engineer a few years back. If I'd realised he was rare I'd have had him stuffed for posterity :grin: .
  14. My theory is that all groups and professions are recruited initially, it's just that engineers are over-represented because they were the ones who managed not to blow themselves up while in training :)
  15. Spot on. And we stay on because it's our only means of having friends and a social life :grin: .
  16. And i thought there was a limit as to how much drivel would fit on a page. :roll:

    But as a Nerd i guess i'm hacking for Osama as well.
  17. Well if everyone were engineers there would be no religions.
  18. To be fair, the dumb and illogical don't have a monopoly on delusion. Lot's of brilliant and otherwise logical people hold some of the strangest beliefs.
  19. No we'd have our own one, where Newton was Jesus.