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engine use and abuse

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by idontlikemondays, May 30, 2006.

  1. gday
    i was after anyones opinion on using the bikes engine, and whats abusing it? mates of mine tell me bike engines are designed to be reved hard and high. im on a vtr 250, its compression ratio is only about 9:1 which in the world of cars at least is pretty low. keep in mind i want to preserve it for as long as i can, and even when i upgrade ill want to keep it for commuting cause its easy on the juice. any thoughts/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. No 1 personally,keep up the oil and oil filter changes.Tis the blood of your motor,I change mine every 5-8k,depending on type of riding I have been doing.50 bucks worth of oils a lot cheaper than 1500 bucks :shock: worth of rebuild.Yes there designed to Rev and rev hard,there engineered to do it and do it all day long,within reasonable limits,i.e.reasonable limits aint riding round on redline allday,and if you did,it aint gonna last long.
  3. If you maintain about 1/2 way to redline as a crusing :) rev, give it a good thrashing every so often and regualarly change oil then it should last forever. :) The red line is the limit try not to push past it, but if you rev until it's close as you accelerate you'll do it no harm.

    Edit: It's occured to me that your bike doesn't have a tacho, is that correct? If so, the rev limiter will stop you over reving so you can pretty much go bananas with it. When you hear it bounce of the limiter, click it up a gear. :)
  4. It's important not to rev the engine too hard too often (especially when it's cold) - but it's even worse to force it to labout at low rpm in too high a gear. So basically avoid riding at 100kph in 2nd, and don't go riding around at 20kph in 5th either.
  5. Man its back to my OCD again... For engine life start and restart your engine as little as possible. Everytime you restart your engine there is a period of low to no pressure in the oil lines, rocker coverlines and through oil coolers. This build up period is when a lot of wear gets done.

    Always warm up your bike even if its for just 2 mins. On the triumph it takes about 4 mins for all the condensate to burn off from inside the exhaust and the temp sensor to register 42c its min operating temp. Every bike is different some are real dogs when cold but will leap like a gazzel when warm.

    start as little as possible, warm your bike..... and use good synthetic oil!!!
  6. my 2cents says you if you keep changing the oil in it and checking the valve clearances every now and then regardless of what you do with it you'll never be able to destroy it.

    There are plenty of learner and P bikes around the 15 yo mark with 70,000km or more on them that have been emptied of oil by not being turned off once their pilot leaves over the handlebars that keep running happily to suggest that whatever you plan to do to the poor thing will not influence its longevity at all.
  7. Yeah they are made to rev, like everyone has said: Keep up the consumables and don't thrash it cold and you'll be right. Try and limit sustained (very) high revs and sustained low revs and you'll be ok. Moden bikes are like cars. Just take it easy while cold and it'll be fine.

    I've got an aircooled and in this cold weather it stays pretty cool. I just start it with choke and run untill I can feel warmth on the fins. Good to go.

    Just like as a kid "the better you look after your toys, the longer they'll last!"

    Lastly have fun. Bikes which sit for long periods do funny things when you drag them out again!
  8. everyone, thanks for your guidance.
    yeah there is no bloody tacho on the '02 model, asked the honda dealership, they rekoned even if i found an 03 or later cluster (has tacho) it would be a major pain in the arse to install. any other alternatives?
    i always warm it up for at least a few mins especially on cold mornings. learning to use the choke for the first week was painful. result of growing up on EFI cars. i was curious cause since ive had my VN commo, i usually dont go above 2krpm, and almost never go above 3krpm, (cutout at 4800rpm) and its only got 220k km on the clock and already getting major trouble with the bigend bearings and the lifters and valves. just hoping i wasnt doing the same damage to the bike
    once again thanks for all your help.
  9. Know what you mean about the revs in the car compared to the bike, man. My ltd sits well below 2000 almost all of the time and has 330,000 and still doesnt use any oil (tho a bit of crankshaft end float). But motorbikes do have pretty short strokes meaning they can rev much more easily. Was a bit of a shock coming from cruising all day at 13-1500 to tearing around at 5-6000 plus all day but its all good.
  10. i had similar issues getting used to the revs.l i actually thought there was something wrong with my bike cruising round at 100KPH with 9 grand dieled in. it can handle revving, within the constriants as set above.. regular service, good oil, warm up before riding, and dont ride around at redline.