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Engine to cold?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Finite, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Im only a new road rider and took my VTR250 for a ride tonight around some carparks then around some backstreets where I live for about an hour.

    I never really went higher than 3rd the whole time and the temp guage stayed only one step above C.

    Last weekend I went on a 50k ride @ 80km/h and the same thing, only just above cold. When I stopped after the ride another notch untill it cooled down but still nowhere near the centre.

    Im in sydney at the moment and the weather is pretty damn cold but would that effect the engine temp to that degree?

    Any comments would be very much apreciated.
  2. The temp gauge on mine sits just above the cold all the time, the only time I've seen it creep up is if I'm stuck in traffic in the middle of summer.

    Other owners with the same bike can give you more info.
  3. Nothing to worry about ..Just put your hand on the radiator and if its nice and warm or nearly to hot to hold your hand on it its fine (after its been running for awhile )..But check your fluid levels when its cold ..The only faults that make a bike run cooler is if the thermostat is stuck in the full open position or a previous owner removed it because it was faulty and didn't replace it..
  4. Check/replace your thermostat. Cheap part, easy to replace too. A cold running engine wears out quickly.
  5. If your thermostat is good, then maybe duct tape 1/4 of the radiator. It will help warm up and overcooling thats not good for the engine
  6. If i thermostat is good, overcooling doesn't occur. Doesn't matter how cold/cooled the water in the radiator is, a thermostat is a heat valve, it opens whenever the water on the "hot" side reaches a certain temp(thermostat opening temp) to let cool water flow to the engine, when the thermostat is closed the cool water bypasses the engine. It regulates temperature.

    Once the engine is warmed up, the temperature gauge shouldn't really move at all. If you're sitting in traffic it might go up a bit, but then the fan will cut in to keep it down. If your temperature gauge sits lower in colder weather, or at high speed(ie on the high way) this means the thermostat is stuffed(stuck open) and is overcooling the engine.
  7. It could also be the temp sender or dirty connectors giving a false reading or the gauge is playing up ..Its worth checking everything ..
    Check gauge buy earthing the temp switch wire to the frame or neg side of the battery if it goes all the way to hot its fine ,Dont hold it on to long just long enough to see it go up to max hot..
    Test the temp switch by removing it from the Radiator and putting it in boiling water you have to use an earth wire to the body of the switch and leave the temp sender wire connected, turn on the bike and it should go close to max temp in Boiling water ..
  8. just an update, i plan on taking it in for a service and asking them to check this to be sure but in the mean time after a 15km ride I felt the radiator as mentioned above and it was like he said. Hot and after about 3 seconds too hot to hold onto for any longer.