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VIC engine swaps

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by shady_knife, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. if you swap an engine from a non-road legal bike, ie a motorcross only bike into a road bike... what are the rules? does it even matter that it came from a non-road legal bike? ie a motorcross bike.

  2. hmm ive wondered the same thing.......
    (think big 2 stroke thumper, in a modern sportbike frame :p)
  3. You have lighting, battery charging, emmissions and noise issues if you want to make it legal.
    If you just want to ride a CR500 powered sports bike on the road, put it in a registered frame and dont get caught..
  4. Having said that, to make it legal you will need to get it engineered..
  5. specifically the cr500's... some of them were road legal... so does that translate across to ALL cr500's (even if they weren't the road legal versions?)

    ie, would it be more difficult to get a non road legal cr500 legally fitted than a road legal cr500?
  6. I think it would be difficult. I have seen a couple of 'road legal' CR500s and it looked as dodgy as hell to me.
  7. A non-standard engine transplant requires engineers certificates.
    From memory late 90's CR500's were road legal or had compliance plates anyway. The other years werent.
    if you started with one of those and threw money at it, it might be easier. Once you go for a non-standard chassis it can get messy.
    Personally, my thoughts were to motard a road legal Cr..
  8. road legal CR500's are called the CR500e and i think were sold in nearly 2000's.

    pretty much the very last of them.
  9. If the engine is physically the same, I wouldn't think it would be that hard. In NSW I'd just let them know the new engine numbers. You are allowed to swap engines, if they are the same . . . .
  10. so basically i have to a buy road legal cr500 of some discription and get it engineered? that it?

    is engineered literally;
    get someone to physically do the work, make it all work ect, then take it to some engineer guy and he'll check it out and cert the work done?
  11. Just for information's sake, service honda still make CR500's by putting 500cc engines into a 250 frame, you could motard a 2011 model if you wanted to.
  12. ill just leave this here
    (yes its a cr500)
  13. kind of. Varies from state to state. Check with your transit authority.

    In NSW they have approved Engineers.