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Engine swap.... Is it possible??????

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Iffracem, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. I've read a rumour that the Bandit 400cc engine will fit in the Across frame without too many hassles.

    IIRC the Bandit 400 (engine) was a development of the bandit 250, which was "basically" an Across motor with VVT.

    If possible it could be an upgrade path for me (depending on costs of course) as I can't afford to buy a bigger bike for a while. I know 400cc is no world beater, but would be better than 250cc for my 50k daily commute.

    Extra bonus, I would have a decent spare 250cc engine for some "go-kart goodness"

  2. if ya have trouble use a hammer. best tool in the box :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  3. any bits you have left over, you can just shove 'em in the boot too.
  4. I was a mechanic in a previous life (tho didn't work on this tiny, fiddly, fragile 'bike stuff)

    I always remember one thing an instructor told me...
    "If in doubt, Give it a clout........ Bigger the doubt, Bigger the clout!!"

    As he swung a 5lb hammer lustily onto a frozen flywheel bolt :D

    Don't laugh too hard goose... I also read that GS500 engines fit, but no-one does the conversion cos it don't improve the performance :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. i swear it would be cheaper to sell that and buy a 400cc
  6. That may well be true Androo, but if it does swap with little effort, it'll could be a cheap option to increase the life of this machine.

    I wouldn't buy a 400, be a waste IMHO, I'd wait until I could get at least a 600. My other preferred option is to get an old (mid to late 80's) bike and rebuild as I can afford, but nothing suitable so far.

    Besides, there's no macho "tim the toolman" involved in buying a 400 :wink:

  7. That's the go Marty!

    Except for me it'll be a Selby Cobra, HR Ute (186 with blower attached), and yep, turbo, blower, or NOx on an Across motor.

    Just Because

  8. haha very true :D
  9. And, and here's the AND that you didn't want to hear....
    You probably wouldn't be able to get it registered even if it could be done.
  10. i dont see that theres a huge amount of merit or savings in the project. if you want a 400, buy one :wink: they're grouse bikes, dont get that bigger is better attitude going, they're a blast. BUT buying a motor to graft into your handbag would probly cost just as much as buying the whole bike by the time your done with it, and you get a MUCH better bike by just buying the bandit :D

    there was 2 models of the bandit, the early across based (pre 95) and the later VVT model. the VVT is very different to the early one, i've been told that they share no major parts with them. but thats not of a concern to you, the 400 is the early model, i dont think they bothered with it when the change happened.

    most of the 250 is the same as the 400, i'm pretty sure they share everything but the front brakes (twins on the 400) and motor. ring around a couple of wreckers i spose and see if they rekon the 250 will swap with the across, and if so, its a safe bet that the 400 will bolt in no probs :D

    still think its a waste of time, just buy the 400 and let the across go onto its next victim, i mean owner..... no i do mean victim :LOL:
  11. Wouldnt think so either :D . You dont by any chance, wanna trade do you?
  12. One great aspect of motorcycling that seems to have gone by the wayside is the building of specials. Seems to me that Iffracem is channelling some of the old guys that built the Norvins and Tritons and Tricatis. And that's a good thing. Go for it!

    Speaking of specials, the ultimate is this beast. The motor is a Rolls Royce Merlin (or part therof) , from a second world war Supermarine Spitfire! I copied the article from an old 1987 "Bike" mag:
  13. The main reason that the building of specials like the Tritons and similar is that registration of them now needs serious engineering sign offs... which are hard to get unless a professional does most of the work.

    Oh... and I always used to wonder what happened to the poor bastards left with the Norumphs ;)

    I agree with (some) of the previous posters... buy a 400 VVT bandit. Yummy little bikes, the styling is the best bit. The worst part of the across is the styling, and thats the bit you'd be keeping (do you really want a Norumph *grin*)
  14. I tend to agree with rc36Honda. I think you may be able to get it registered but it is probably more hassle than it's worth. The insurance would probably also be a limiting factor.
    Not sure what the case is with motorcycles but with cars if you take out an engine from say a Holden, and you want to replace it with an engine from a different manufacturer say a Valiant you have to have a complete automotive engineers report. Also if you take a car like say an FJ Holden and put a 5.0L V8 (but still a Holden motor) in it you are supposed to get an engineers report that verifies things like suspension, brakes gearbox, differential etc have been upgraded and changed so that they can now handle the greater power of the vehicle. This is probably the same as your case, while you can, its unlikely that you'll see the benefits after the bureaucratic issues you'll run in to.
  15. I say do it, sounds like fun :)

    You might want to investigate how much hassle it would be do get it all nice and legal first though (and get an insurance quote).
  16. Hey, what a great article, Greenguzzi. Its a shame such ingenuity and outside-the-square thinking have been legislated out of our lives.....for our own safety, of course.
  17. Any one want to help mount a zzr1100 motor in a posti bike? Just imagin the power to weight ratio!!
  18. Some of the 400's were downsized 600 others were upsized 250.

    If the suzi is the later it should be easy. Suzi are good like that, in that they tend to use parts across a lot of models, unlike some other manufactures. It makes for good customs. But as suggested you'd want to be getting a very cheap engine to warrant the change
  19. theres a bloke i know that wants to graft an FZR1000 motor into a 400 for a track bike :shock: reckons its almost a bolt up job, sounds fuggin insane to me :LOL: