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NSW Engine swap 750cc to 1100cc - Legalities?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by korokoro, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. So I know the engine (gsxr1100) will fit in my frame (1992 gsxr750), but I was wondering if this is doable legally? If the engine is the same capacity, I know it just costs like $25 to update the engine number with the rta, but since the model of my bike is a "gsxr750", would there be some clash? Or do I still keep it registered as a gsxr750, but update the displacement field with 1100? I'm guessing I would need to inform my insurance too?

    However, since the engines look almost identical from the outside - do I just tell them the new engine number and be done with it? That would seem kind of illegal no?
  2. Not sure about bikes...

    With a motor vehicle, if you want to change the engine capacity (increase), there are requirements that the braking performance be "sufficient", and you must notify the rego authorities.

    Insurance - that is a civil contract. If you don't tell them, they don't know. But if they find out, they can reject any claim, and could potentially have you up for fraud.
  3. I'm not sure of the exact legal process, but I'm very confident it can be done legally. There used to be a number of 7-11s going around.

    You will likely need an engineers cert, which should be easy, given it's probably the easiest engine swap in motoring history.

    I believe there is one RTA in Sydney that specialises in modified vehicles. Find that one and talk to someone there.

    Guessing Eng Cert and a blue slip and possibly an RTA inspection.

    As to just doing the swap, keep in mind it may make insurance invalid (in the event of an accident), even if you got past the cops and the annual registration process.
  4. Anything that alters a bike from the condition it was when it passed the ADRs is illegal unless certified by an engineer. It's often easier to simply upgrade.
  5. Please check your wording and information before giving advice on this forum.

    If a modification affects any of the details shown on the registration certificate such as engine number or engine capacity etc, the law requires that you give notification of such alteration and forward such certificate to the RMS for adjustment.

    If you have motorcycle insurance, check with your insurer before making any changes as well.

  6. Years ago when I inquired about putting a 175 engine in my 100, was told by the RTA that ant engine increase of 15% or more needs an engineering cert, and gave me a list of places that could do the report. Never went through with it.