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engine stopping

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pete, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Hi just a question, I just had my bike serviced 1000 km first service and i just got it back and noticed that sometimes if i blip the throttle in neutral the engine stops. wasnt doing it before, is that normal or should i get em to look at it? just a bit disconcerting for a new rider is all thanks pete.

  2. take it back to them ... it shouldnt be doing that
  3. Is it idling lower than it used to? Quite often mechanics will "finetune" your idle speed.... and if they lowered it too much it could stop after a blip... But yeah. take it back to them....
  4. lol stereo i was just typing that
  5. Idle could be lower wouldnt be much tho i think i will take it back , thanks guys .
  6. Yeah, I have been riding for a fairly long time now.... and one thing I have learned... if you take a bike to a place to get serviced and then find a problem... take it back IMMEDIATELY... otherwise they blame YOU for it...

    Unless it is Peter Stevens, in that case.... kiss your money goodbye...
  7. Same thing happened after my flatmate had his vtr serviced....at peter stevens. They seemed to lack understanding of difference between idle mixture adjustment and idle speed adjustment and had used mixture to set idle. Don't know how any real mechanic could get mixed up, it's farken obvious which is which. Dave from Promoto (Ultimoto these days)sorted it out no worries.