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engine start up stall

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tluong, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. hey guys... im wondering if anyone knew what problem i have with my bike. before i ride i always let the bike warm for a few minutes with some choke. after the bike is warmed, i pull the clutch in and kick it into 1st gear. the bike then stalls immediately, even with the clutch fully in. i then start the engine up again with the clutch in and the back wheels begin to move slightly. am i doing something wrong or is the gears not in properly because this shouldnt be happening. it use to kick into first gear without stalling. cheers

  2. sounds like your clutch is misadjusted


    try holding the clutch in for 15 - 30 seconds to let the plates get some oil through them as they may be a little sticky when cold.
  3. what sort of bike?

    that will help us to know if it has a wet or dry clutch.
    hydraulicor cable activated?

  4. its a gpx (wet multi disc) :)
  5. wet clutch means the engine oil in the bike has to be sufficiently warmed for your clutch to work properly.
    have you had a recent service? what viscosity oil was used?

    if your clutch is activated by cable, a simple adjustment at the lever may be the answer. just be sure not to adjust it too far, in which case your clutch will slip. cable clutchs do suffer from cable-stretch. therefore it is important to make minor adjustments every now and then.
    there is also an adjustment where the cable connects to the gearbox.

    if it is an hydraulic clutch (you will know, because there will be a clutch fluid resevoir on your left hand controls, similar to the brake fluid resevoir) there is very little adjustment you can perform. except if you notice that the fluid is below the "minimum" mark.

    to the best of my knowledge you have a cable clutch and tightening it until you have only a little bit of play at the lever may rectify your problem.

    failing that, look further in to whether the clutch itself needs attention.

    IMO, from what you have said, a simple adjustment is in order.

    good luck :grin:

    also ](*,) :LOL: if i read your sig, i would have known what type of bike it was :oops:
  6. thanks for that informative post. really appreciate it joel.
  7. Sounds like the side stand switch is not dis-engaging properly.

    Lube the side stand and see what happen. Alternatively hick it back up with your heal like I do.
  8. yeah, i'd go with iblast. Side stand. had the same problem before.