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Engine stalling at the lights

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by papakon, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I have a Honda VTR250. The problem I'm having is whenever I come to a stop, usually at the lights, I give the engine a quick rev, just a little blip ! and she stalls. The engine is at full operating temperature. I've gone for a run along the Princes Hwy and have had to pull up and stop for nearly every set of lights (good practice for stopping and starting, still learning, getting better ! :p ) I'll go through the gears progressively as I slow down, find 1st, click up into Neutral, cluth out to rest, then give it a rev, STALL ! Is this a fault that needs to be looked at, either running too lean/rich? Anyone else experienced this problem, is it common ?

  2. The plugs could be fouled. How hard do you ride it? Try riding hard for a while and/or changing the plugs (shouldn't cost too much)
  3. so it only stalls when you blip it or does stall regardless?

    id be looking at carb mixture and balance first but being a fairly new machine plugs are a good idea.
  4. same thing happened to me. its most likely the plugs and the carbys might need tuning.
  5. Check the Idle, should be Idling at around 1300. If too low it will stall when you blip the throttle. If required turn the black screw on the carby (stand side of the bike) hope this helps. :)
  6. Only happens when i give it a little rev, otherwise it will idle just fine.
  7. check your air filter, also could be too lean maybe check mixtures on carbs,

    if you gradually rev it does that work?

    and if so how does it drop back down to idle?

    also what is the idle speed? as mentioned above.
  8. Papakon, I never had that problem in the 1,100km I owned that bike. It sounds weird to me. When it was at operating temperature the throttle response was always fine.

    I noticed a difference in how it ran after the 1,000km service too. It was running smoother after that service than it had at any time before that.

    Maybe its the petrol? I fuelled it up (just under 8.5L) before I delivered it to you at the Mobil on adjacent to Brandon Park shopping centre. Maybe their unleaded was a bit sus that day??? If you've fuelled it up since then (probably have) then maybe it could be that petrol.
  9. It's a little OT, however, don't sit at the lights in neutral. If you need to take off quickly for whatever reason, say, due to a car about to rear-end you, you're f'ed. Always be prepared for the worst, especially on the princess.

    As for your bike, I'd also say it's a carb. problem. Sometimes they can be a real shit.
  10. Don't give it a little rev?

    Why are you doing this anyway, giveing the engine a "blip" as you come down through the gears helps to keep the engine spinning up to the same speed as the gear box as you come down the gear = smooth gear changes, reducing engine braking as your slowing down.

    Usually if people are revving their bike at the lights, it's because its a big lumpy V-Twin that doesn't like idling.

    As someone above suggested, raising your idle a touch might be a good option.