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Engine shuts off when clutch pulled in

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by NatG, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. My 2011 CBR250R has died 3 times now when I've pulled the clutch in (when downshifting OR when its in Neutral at a set of lights, pull clutch in, gear lever into 1st, BANG - DEAD).

    I've searched high and low online and no one really knows why but it seems to have happened to a lot of riders on all sorts of different bikes from all years (at first I thought it was a CBR issue).

    At first it was scary specially being a learner but now when it happens I manage it better. Doesnt happen often but the fact that it happens anyways sucks big time.

    * I am not accidentally kicking the the side stand down
    * I have a full tank of petrol
    * I am pulling clutch in fully
    * Clutch able is adjusted properly
    * Idle rpm 1,500

    Has this happened to anyone else on this forum? Have you figured out why? :confused::(
  2. If it's sudden like that I'd say the side stand switch or a neutral switch is the problem. They may be on the way out, or may have shifted position (in the case of the side stand switch).
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  3. How have you checked that your clutch cable is adjusted properly? Sounds a bit like your clutch is dragging even when you pull it all the way in, and when you pop it in 1st when stationary the drag is stalling your idle. Do you have a rear stand? You could lift the rear tyre up, pull in clutch and pop in first and see if your rear spins up. It quite often will turn slowly with the clutch pulled in and this is normal, but if it spins fast, you have a clutch issue.
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  4. When I had the 12k service they checked and apparently adjusted the clutch cable at the dealership. Thing is that it doesnt ALWAYS do this and its quite random. First time it happened was about 3 weeks ago then it happened yesterday riding home, was pulling up to a set of red lights, started to break slowly, pulled clutch in, downshifted, slowly released clutch (and throttle blipped) and then the rpms dropped all the way to zero and the display shut off. I hit the ignition switch and everything came back to life. Rest of the 20min ride home it was all fine.

    This morning riding to work all was fine, 45mins into the ride I came to a set of lights and was stopped. Bike in neutral - idle rpm was 1,500. Lights turned green, pulled in clutch to put gear into first and as I pulled in the clutch - biked died. Display gone. Started bike up again and everything ran smoothly..
  5. I doubt that a clutch or sidestand switch would cause the display to go as well..
    It's not the case on my GSXR, and I'm 95% sure my partner's CBR (same as yours) doesn't kill the dash either.
  6. Yeah, if you haven't touched the gear lever then I'm guessing it has a clutch switch and there is a fault with that.
  7. I'm with ibast. But give the dealer a ring. They may have seen it before.
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  8. Make sure you explain to the dealer that this is not happening when you change from neutral to first, because under some conditions the shock of that can stall it, and that would give a mechanic entirely the wrong idea about what is happening. This sounds very much like an electrical issue, but if you only listened to the first 20 words you could very much get the wrong idea about it...
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