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Engine/Running Problems. Need Help.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. So there I was riding along the road to Moonta at speed's of well... Around the 110 mark. When all of a sudden, my bike lost all of it's rev's and died on me... So it was 110-0km/h in a couple of seconds, no need to brake here folks, just turn your bike off LOL :LOL:

    I shat myself as I was in the middle of no-where Yelta on the Eyre Peninsula to be exact (well just outside of) and my bike had just turn itself off for an unknown reason. So... I message edgelett to be a pest and ask for her/her super top bloke boy friend to source some advice on what the problem could be. Not more than 2 minutes later a message back from edgelett saying Pagan was on his way to my place right now. (Wow talk about nice no delay just bang out the door *Maybe it had something to do with band practice starting? I don't know :p) A few minutes later I got a phone call back which I missed as nature had a calling to which I had to attend and I missed it. But, low and behold another phone call again (I guess they were worried :p) I informed them that I was not at home and that I was about 150Km's *points* "thata way".

    After a bit of Q & A of the problem how it occured and what the problem maybe we have come to the conclusion that it may be a electrical fault or a fuel line fault which is either restricting the ignition source or not putting enough fuel through to the engine.

    Another idea was maybe fouled plugs? Here are the symptoms and maybe I could get some idea's on what the problem is before I rip it apart.

    110-0km/h (10500rpm - 0rpm) in only a few seconds. Regardless of if I gave it more juice or not, it would not rev.

    After letting bike sit there for a few minutes (well an hour or so actually) which sucked cause it was bloody hot in my gear out in the middle of fkn nowhere. It starts again and I got all the way into Yelta (5km's or so of riding) before it done it again.

    After sitting there for about an hour and a half it started again and I rode home as I didn't want to risk getting to my over night destination. I got around 125km's before it stalled on my again mid-flight. Then I let it sit again for a while. Then it started I got about another 15km's then it stalled again. Upon starting this time after a brief cool down period (in the middle of the traffic island) the engine kicked over and I got home.

    Now, upon my last start the engine began knocking and I am not sure what the problem is there, but I am sure someone could give me some idea's on what could cause this to happen. I checked the oil, which there was plenty of and I am just about to check my water now as that may also be an issue (it wasn't before I left :() But, beyond that, I am not quite sure what the problem could be.

    Any advice you could give me would be appriciated as I would prefer to fix it myself rather than pay hundreds of dollars for a mechanic to do it.

    For those that like to read picture books, here is a picture for your amusement. :)

  2. Hi sketchie,

    I am not very mechanically minded, so perhaps someone here can give you some hints..

    You mentioned HOT.. did you check your temperature gauge? Coolant reservior level under your seat?

    What fuel are you using? I am saying this because I had some bad experience with some type of fuel.. my bike developed strange problems..

    If you suspect fouled plugs, chance them and get it out of the equation. they are very cheap to replaced.
  3. Yep temp guage and coolant are fine. I run Shell Premium ULP which I have always run and it has worked super cool :)

    All I know I won't be riding it "properly" till I fix it/need a decent test run to see if I have fixed it. Plugs will be replaced this week to eliminate them as the problem.
  4. This could be a couple of things. One is fuel starvation, what sort of bike is it? Fuel starvation won't be instant, but will be a slowing of revs then dying.
    The other is (obviously) electrical. It could be an old coil/s overheating. They sit up under the fuel tank and can get warm, this can push a marginal coil over teh edge temporarily.
    The other electrical thing may be a control box for the ignition overheating as well.
    Take a spare spark plug and insulated pliers with you, and go for a ride to dublicate the problem. Once it happens, whack spare sparkplug into any spark plug lead, earth plug body to engine and crank bike over. Weak (yellow, thin) spark is bad, big blue spark good.
    If that doesn't seem a problem, open fuel tank filler. Listen for a whoosh. If you hear a whoosh, try and restart bike. If it starts, you have a problem with fuel tank venting. If that is all fine, check for a kinked fuel line or an inline fuel filter. It may be blocked.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Not so easy to get to the spark plugs with the ZX2R.. Check the workshop manual. Fairings out, loosen the radiator to get to the plugs.

    Shell Optimax eh? Hmmm...
  6. Sketchie -

    What's the last thing that was done to the bike mechanically before you went for this ride?

    Sure sounds like fuel starvation to me. As mentioned - how is your fuel hose routing and tank venting?

  7. Hey sketchie, didnt you just get her back on the road again mate? sucks to hear you are having problems, i remember one one of the cruises i went on i was talking to a guy that has a zxr250, and he said he had similar problems, he took it to bills and they couldnt fix it, his mate came around and had a look and one of the crimps for the Engine Stop switch was loose, one new crimp + 15 minutes and apparently it hasnt happened since..im not sure if this is your problem or not but it couldnt help to check it...if you have a multimeter or a continuity tester just test the switch, i can lend you the tester and help you if you want...just tell me when you want..even if its not the problem it cant hurt to look.

    i suppose you could test it by strting her up and gently pulling the cables from the engine stop switch and if the engine cuts out that could mean thats your problem, although this doesnt explain your knocking...so i dunno
  8. Thanks guys. I will be checking all these things you have listed so far.

    But since it is an intermitent problem I don't think that taking it to a mechanic will help as the problem isn't permanent, just something that happens occasionally. Although, I know it is definatly something overheating. Cause once I let it cool down it runs fine again for a while. :(
  9. Heya Sketchie ;)

    Hmm.. definately sounds like a PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair)
    Just kidding ;)

    I go with what Prot3us1 says. Does the entire electrics cut out (ie lights), or is it just
    the ignition ?

    Does your carby supply the four cylinders, or does each cyl have it's own carby ?

    Do you have an analogue multimeter ?. You could create a loop around one of
    the spark plug leads. the Induction will cause the meter to flicker. You ride
    along. When the bike cuts out, and the meter stops flickering, then you have
    nailed an ignition fault !. You then know where to start looking.
  10. Sketchie,
    I had a problem similar to what you are saying a year ago. My bike would go for a while then just stop. Leave it for a short time , then it would start and so on. After checking everything that I could think of over the course of a week or so ,found out it was a simple fuel tank vent problem. The vent hose was getting squashed down when the tank was put back down in position.
    But If your problem just started out of the blue this my no be the problem.
    Did you happen to move the tank in anyway before the ride?